Android Enthusiast
Jul 15, 2012
Hi I flashed a Jellybean ROM which I obtained from the Goo Manager app. The thing is it is a Sprint ROM not a Virgin Mobile one. Everything works great, but I was wondering if I am going to run into any problems or issues because I flashed a Sprint ROM on my VM GS2. I have not noticed anything so far aside from a weird issue with my voicemail. My phone seems to be looking for a Sprint mailbox. I got around the issue by just dialing my phone number into my phone and then it goes to my messages. If I click on the voicemail notification it takes me to something for Sprint which is not what I want. Oh well I will deal with it for now until we get some VM ROMs. Also when I pull down the notications it says Sprint for my carrier. Is this going to cause any problems because I am running a Sprint ROM on my phone? I sure hope not.
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