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[Sprint] Root/Recovery (How to) Sprint LG G2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DragonSlayer95, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

    This likely voids your warranty, proceed with caution. Myself along with Android Forums cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong during the root/recovery process.

    Step One
    We'll need all the necessary files which is the root file and of course the LG drivers if you don't have them yet.

    LG Drivers

    Root File

    Step Two
    Lets start by installing the LG Drivers if you don't already have them.

    Create a new folder on your desktop naming it "G2 Root" or whatever your heart desires. Now open up the root zip and copy everything from there into your new root folder.

    Step Three
    On your LG G2, go into your settings, about phone and tap "build number" 8 times to enable the developer options.

    Once the developer options are available, go into there and enable USB debugging.

    Step Four
    Plug in your device and let the computer detect it.

    Open up the new root folder, double click the "root" file.

    From here, a command prompt will open up warning you about your warranty is about to be void. Just tap any key to continue.

    Now the command prompt will look for the device, on the device you should get a pop-up to allow USB debugging for the root file, hit allow.

    Unplug your device.

    Go into your phone settings now, developer options, uncheck USB debugging then recheck USB debugging once again.

    Plug back in your device.

    Press any key to continue, from here it gives you a warning about it shows that you will be rooted and tripping LG bootloader menu.

    Press any key to continue, now it will begin to root your phone. After a few seconds it should say completed.

    Congrats, you are now rooted.

    If you wish to double check, you could download any root apps or a root checker to make sure you have proper root access.


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  2. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

    Since you've already rooted your device, you have already voided your warranty. Doing anything root related, only you can be held responsible.

    Step 1
    First, we want to download flashify from the Google Play Store

    Step 2
    Next we need to download the recovery image, i've opted to provide TWRP


    download the image file, not the zip file

    Step 3
    Open up Flashify on your device, select Boot Image and locate the twrp image file we downloaded earlier.

    select flash and let it do it's thing.

    You now have a working custom recovery :)

    Remember never flash anything without a good working nandroid!

    Cheers and enjoy!
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  3. slethvenderol

    slethvenderol Lurker

    Fast, easy and confirmed! Thanks so much dragon slayer!
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  4. chyzdad

    chyzdad Newbie

    I used your root when i got my g2 back in dec.....worked flawlessly, thanks btw. However....due to a lack of attention on my part i installed an update that came out yesterday...,atleast for me it. Well it killed the root.

    Would i still be able to re root the device or will this be something that needs to be looked into first before attempting. If you need furthet info,..i would be glad to help....however i forgot what update it was that came out. I blv it was an lg/sprint update.

    A new icon is displayed for the lte connection or 3g...depending on where one is located.
  5. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

    It was the spark update, the same update came to my ladies unrooted g2 yesterday.

    Let me look around to see if it's safe to reroot using the same method.


    It's still safe to use the same root method, but if you intend to flash roms, there are some extra steps involved. See the link below

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  6. chyzdad

    chyzdad Newbie

    Thanks for the quick reply. Gonna fix this now.

    A bit off subject regarding the 4.4 update. Anyword on when lg or sprint will be aending this out? I havent seen much talk about it.
  7. chyzdad

    chyzdad Newbie

    I got this when attempting to re root

  8. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender
    Thread Starter

    That's interesting, I haven't nor have any intentions on taking the spark update. Let me look around and see if anyone has had actual success rerooting after the spark update.

    As for the kk update, I haven't heard anything myself. Only Korean models have received it thus far. Don't believe an announcement has come for us variants.
  9. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    KK updates thus far appear to be breaking Loki. Although the xda thread appears to offer a possible solution, I believe a downgrade might be possible as well by flashing the previous stock firmware via LG Flash Tools. So far, its been possible to go backwards. Not sure if that has changed with this update or if it pretty much always holds true for LG devices. Ive been of the impression the latter is the case.
  10. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Which version of IOroot are you using?
  11. chyzdad

    chyzdad Newbie

    I am using the one posted in ur original post
  12. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    That's not mine. But check this out:

    LG IOroot - Pastebin.com

    You may have a better go with the newest build.
  13. crack1152

    crack1152 Newbie

    Hey my question is i rooted my phone but no matter what wifi tether app i use my i cant access my wifi hotspot with out paying extra to sprint . Any thought on that .
  14. jamesaaron22

    jamesaaron22 Lurker

    Its still a process rooting this way but i found out how to root without the computer at all and it has worked everytime for me which is awesome if i say so and all it takes is one tap on the screen and its done
  15. syi

    syi Android Enthusiast

    which baseband version is this good for? I'm running android 4.4.2 baseband m8974a-aaaanazm-2.02.0046
  16. bender_007

    bender_007 Well-Known Member

  17. Volted

    Volted Member

    Hello bender_007 and welcome! Thank you for stopping by. Do you know if I could use this AutoRec for the Sprint LS980 on stock ZVE (KitKat) to install the latest version of TWRP ( after I root it? Any choice of rooting method for stock ZVE? I don't want to install Lollipop at the moment. Thank you in advance for sharing all your knowledge!
  18. Volted

    Volted Member

    Hello DragonSlayer95. I have been all over the web reading up for weeks about rooting and TWRP Recovery for my brand new Sprint LS980 (Best Buy $150 plus tax!) that I updated to ZVE via OTA. Does your method work with Sprint LS980 on stock ZVE? I'm still a bit confused. Information is all over the place and varies. For rooting, there seems to be at least three ways from what I understand. The first is Stump Root, then there is LG One Click Root, and finally DP Tools. Which of these is best? I just want to keep the stock ZVE (Odexed) and be able to have TWRP for backup purposes. I may run the stock ZVG update in the future when it becomes available as a ROM to flash thru TWRP.

    That leads me to more confusion. There seems to be two editions of TWRP available with various version updates for each. The original TWRP Recovery from Team Win and then Blastagator's modded TWRP Recovery with Thermal Control and F2FS. Do you know which one of these two editions and WHICH VERSION UPDATE is best for my Sprint LS980 on ZVE? Do I need to worry about my phone heating up and melting from using it with the original TWRP? Please remember that I just want to keep it stock ZVE for now and maybe run the stock ZVG in the future. Is Flashify the best way to install the right TWRP for me after root?

    I ask all of these questions because I read here and there about overheating issues and possible damaged screens from the original TWRP. I also read here and there about TWRP not working with ZVE unless downgrading the bootloader to ZV8 and/or the radio (modem) as well . I need Knock On/Off to work and there are many reporting it not working after rooting and TWRP. Can you please clear this up for me? Thanks in advance for your time.
  19. bender_007

    bender_007 Well-Known Member

    Hello Volted. Sadly no, this is only for lollipop. You can install autorec for kitkat and flash blastagators 2.8.6.x twrp or extract the recovery.img from the zip and flash via flashify.
  20. Volted

    Volted Member

    That's ok, bender_007. I just want thank you for for all your hard work and sharing here with us. I know I will probably use it in the future when I do decide to embrace Lollipop! So after I root the Sprint ZVE I can extract and flash blastagator's modded TWRP .img file without having to change radio or bootloader? Will Knock on/Off work?
  21. bender_007

    bender_007 Well-Known Member

    If you're installing it on kk then arec will install, then just flash the new one over. No changes to bootloader at all. Knock on should work. If it doesn't check my last post here
  22. Volted

    Volted Member

    Thanks for the prompt replies, sir! Lol Ok, I am on stock Sprint ZVE (KitKat) and have not rooted yet. So I'm a bit confused again after I root. Sorry, but I do use AutoRec then and install Then use Flashify to install blastgator's latest recovery.img?
  23. bender_007

    bender_007 Well-Known Member

    Pardon i thought you have already Autorec will downgrade bootloader to jb. Just click flash and it does everything. Yes and then via flashify install recovery.img extracted from for your variant
  24. Volted

    Volted Member

    I thank you for your time and patience with me! Finally, after some more research, I actually found the best way was to use Stump Root and then use Flashify to install blastagator's TWRP mod. This is what I did and it worked amazing and very easy (less than 10 minutes) on my Sprint G2. All stock and no issues at all! So that all can understand this clearly if they need it, see below in post #26!

    THANK YOU AGAIN!!! :thumbsupdroid:
    #24 Volted, May 21, 2015
    Last edited: May 22, 2015
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  25. bender_007

    bender_007 Well-Known Member

    Luckily I've added protecions to the playstore one. It's called lollipop recovery installer. Seek autorec kitkat, flash twrp with it. As for rooting: ioroot25 or purpledrake or any method. Everything else is correct

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