Root [Sprint] Rooted S4, next step nandroid


Hi, Thanks everyone for all the help.

I have rooted my Sprint Galaxy S4. Rooted using Odin. I have installed SuperSu (Chainfire) v 1.41 and Titanium Backup PRO v1.2.3.

I would like to learn how to do the nandroid recovery. If I brick the phone learning to modify files, I can recovery back to latest back up.

What I understand to do nandroid recovery is I need to download app Goomanager and then TWRP. Is this correcto.

This is where I am getting confused/lost. I don't want to brick phone without having a recovery option, so I am holding here.

Sprint, Galaxy S4, SPH-L720.
Android 4.2.2
Baseband - L720VPUAMDL
Kernal 3.4.0-529760
Build JDQ39

Any assistance or point in right direction would be appreciated. Thanks.


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That is correct - you should download goo manager, and then, Hit Menu button and select Install OpenRecoveryScript.
That should install the current version of TWRP ( for your device I think).

(I assume you prefer TWRP. Else, you can install CWM instead - but I haven't looked at the steps to do that. I use TWRP. Regardless, the install should be seamless).

And yes, you definitely want to create a nandroid backup before you do any modifications to system files (and you need to install TWRP or CWM to create nandroid backups)

Note: The Nandroid backup of the stock Sprint ROM is sizeable. Remember to not change the file/folder names after you create the backup, and it may be a good idea to compress it.

I chose to backup to the 64GB microSD card (TWRP lets you do that) because I didn't want to lose 2-3GB of internal storage to the nandroid.


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Thank you jj14x.

I downloaded Goomanager. Installed the openrecoveryscript, TWRP. I don't see it anywhere on the phone, but that is ok, I saw the downloading bar show its progress to completion.

If you could bear with me for a couple more quesitons.?.

Do I now download Nandroid and install from playstore?
If so, then using Nandroid how do I make a copy of current entire phone system. Does this go on phone sd, or my sd in phone, or on pc??

Lastly, if I brick phone, do I reboot phone into recovery/reload..... load saved phone files?

Thanks, appreciate you help.



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Just found YouTube on nandroid, S4 with goomanager TWRP.
Looks like I don't need to download any more apps.

Goomanager, Reboot to recovery. Make nandroid back up of system.


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Sorry about that delay in responding. But you are right - goomanager, reboot to recovery, and make nandroid backup.

If you ever do run into issues, just reboot to recovery, and restore from nandroid.