Root [Sprint] Sprint Bloatware


Hi, longtime apple user. 1st time android user. So I got an HTC One from sprint. And I LOVE it! Only thing I hate is the bloatware. So what do I do? I rooted and installed titanium back and removed it all! Was super stoked, until I had to reboot today. And alllllllll that crap got pushed back to me.

So my question is... is there anyway around this?
is there a ROM I can use that would basically keep my phone the same but remove the crapware? Like the ROM for the international version?

Thx in advance.


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a bit more info,the stock kernel is what keeps you from permantly writing to /system from the booted OS. search xda for a custom kernel that will add the ability to write to system,and it will also give you other features and benefits,depending on the mods to it.

i have also seen instructions to mod the stock kernel to remove the write protection that casuses all your bloat to come back.

as mentioned above,a stock based custom rom is a good option as well,since it will have a modified kernel :)


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Thanks for the responces guys. @Recoil: Yea thats what I want, to keep blinkfeed/zoe but still get rid of all the crap. Never tried pure android, but I dont want to lose most of what made me choose the One over other android devices.