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[Sprint] Trading to a better phone than the evo?

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by thall1621, May 26, 2011.

  1. thall1621

    thall1621 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok so here's the situation, I am due for an upgrade, and the rep. Told me if I trade in my EVO they will give me an extra 150, so I could get a brand new phone for way cheap.... but the question is, what, if any, phone would be better? I love my EVO its been a great phone. Should I wait for the EVO 3d? Iv done some research but can't seem to find a device much better than the one I already have. Anyone looking forward to something coming out that is as freakin awesome as the EVO was when it cane out?

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  2. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Android Expert

    Well the Evo 3D is as good as its going to get for now. Sprint should have a variant of the SGS II in the coming months and theres some news out that Sprint will have Motorola Atrix-like device witha 4.3" screen. And who knows what else will be out...
  3. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Android Expert

    Just keep waiting for the next best phone and you wont regret it when you buy it. :)
  4. crump

    crump Well-Known Member

    No locked bootloader.. go Evo 3D. I've used the Kingdom ROM with Sense 3.0 and it's pretty slick.
  5. thall1621

    thall1621 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have been thinkin about the EVO 3d pretty heavily, but I'm not sure if I would want to root. My current EVO is completely stock and aside from some small issues I love it. The 3d looks cool but I can't imagine it being a whole lot better, I don't wanna waste my upgrade on that and 3 months later a way sicker phone comes out and blows it out of the water. But still no matter what I get something is always going to come out and be bigger and better, just a matter of time I suppose ....
  6. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    Hell, I'll give you $160 for your Evo!!! Seriously... :)
  7. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    There are only three phones that would be worth upgrading to this summer. EVO 3D, Photon 4G, or Samsung Galaxy S 2.

    I'm going to be waiting until all of them are released, well at least until the Photon 4G is released, prior to making my upgrade decision. I love the EVO 4G as well, but I'm not opposed to upgrading if any of the above-mentioned phones really blow it out of the water.

    If the rumored specs of the Photon 4G end up being correct, and I like the form factor once it's announced on June 9, then that'll be my first choice of all 3. One of the key elements that is rumored to be included is an integrated kickstand, just like the EVO 4G. The rumored technical specs are on par with the EVO 3D and SGS 2. Some things better, some things not as good, but overall enough for me to consider it

    Hope that helps.
  8. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Android Expert

    I'm really focused on bigger and better screen technology for my next upgrade. The SGS II looks like it has the most stunning display but I'm really holding out to see if larger devices eventually come out.
  9. thall1621

    thall1621 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hmm looks like I have some more research to do, I don't want to make an uneducated purchase

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