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Sprint TV + $10 Data package

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Route66, May 24, 2010.

  1. Route66

    Route66 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So, with having to add the $10 4g package....have we got an answer yet on if the evo gets all the sprint tv channels as part of that 'enhanced data fee', or do you still need to pay the extra $10 sprint tv fee to get all the channels?

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  2. rockman1117

    rockman1117 Member

    I guess the problem with answering this is the fact that most, if not all, current EVO owners have the "unlimited access, Google I/O" pass that was given out with the phone. So they already have everything, and you can't tell what is or is not included in the "stock" experience.

    Probably have to wait until next week or if someone who activated on their personal line could come in here and answer....
  3. mx7

    mx7 Well-Known Member

    There's no relation between the two. You'll need to pay extra $10 for the Xtra channels.
  4. edlex

    edlex Android Expert

    The $10 you pay for owning the evo is just a premium for the expected extra data that sprint is assuming you will consume. The everything package comes with the basic sprintv. The xtra sprintv channels require an additional $10.
  5. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    Probably going to cost extra - same as the Sprint TV packages now. Again Sprint could have thrown this in to "soften" the Evo charge blow but hasn't said anything like that so far.
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  6. ImmaSlave4U

    ImmaSlave4U Android Enthusiast

    I contacted Sprint regarding this issue and got a response that didn't answer my question. I replied and asked again and this is the reply I received!

  7. BrianFX

    BrianFX Member

    Well that blows.. Although mobile TV in the form of DTV is the future, not the laggy/low-res/choppy mess that is Sprint TV. Here's to hoping for an EVO 2.0 DTV model in 2011. :)

    I sure hope the phone-to-phone Qik video conferencing is ready on the 4th and is reasonably priced if not free..
  8. dereileak

    dereileak Member

    I just chatted with sprint, here is the convo concering the 10 dollar data package.

    3:23:24 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: I am going to be getting the Evo on June 4th from best buy, I already preordered

    3:23:43 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: now there is supposed to be some 10 dollar fee each month for that phone because of the 4g access

    3:23:50 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: but I have no 4g access around me at all

    3:23:58 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: is there any way around that fee?

    3:24:09 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: I don't travel anywhere where there is access either

    3:24:41 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: once my city were to get 4g I have no issue with this fee, but because I won't be able to use 4g I don't see it as fair

    3:25:08 PM : ​
    Michael Y: I understand your concern.

    3:25:13 PM : ​
    Michael Y: Let me explain this to you.

    3:25:15 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: ok

    3:25:53 PM : ​
    Michael Y: The $10 Premium Data Fee is not a charge for 4G service.

    3:26:00 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: ok

    3:26:03 PM : ​
    Michael Y: It is for a data rich experience with uncapped data usage .

    3:26:43 PM : ​
    Michael Y: You can take it this way.

    3:26:57 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: so are you saying there is no cap on data over 3g then also?

    3:26:59 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: and 1x?

    3:27:08 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: because normally there is the 5gb limit

    3:28:08 PM : ​
    Michael Y: yes, that's correct.

    3:28:18 PM : ​
    Michael Y: As without BIS pack you can not use Blackberry same as without $10.00 pack you can not use HTC Evo.

    3:29:08 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: ah

    3:29:10 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: I see

    3:29:10 PM : ​
    Michael Y: This is mandate to take $10.00 pack to experience HTC EVO with uncapped data usage.

    3:29:19 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: ok, I see now

    3:29:31 PM : ​
    Michael Y: I appreciate your understanding.

    3:29:41 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: yea, just anther quick question

    3:29:49 PM : ​
    Michael Y: Sure.

    3:29:58 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: what is the price of the evo if ordered through sprint

    3:30:10 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: like, how much are the rebates and all that

    3:30:25 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: cause when its done with I know its 199.99

    3:30:31 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: but like what about before that

    3:30:54 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: in other words, how much would I have to dishout before the rebates would go through

    3:31:54 PM : ​
    Michael Y: Sure, there is a rebate of $100.00 on HTC Evo.

    3:32:04 PM : ​
    Derek Miner: ok, so it would be 299.99

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