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Sprint TV Caution

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by Barats, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Barats

    Barats Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Ok so I was browsing around Sprint TV one day and came across a few things. It asked if I wanted to add something and did not say anything about me having to pay for it, as I would have not did it at all. So my bill that is due at the end of the month is about $10 higher. So I look around to investigate and there's a $10 Sprint TV Xtra thing on there that I want no part of. Customer service chat was extremely helpful on removing it and crediting me back.

    But I saw NOTHING on my phone about telling me what I was adding was going to be $10/month.

  2. blstrick55

    blstrick55 Newbie

    That's good to know. The only thing I use Sprint Tv for is to watch espn which I know is free! Still good info though
  3. Yet ANOTHER Sprint scam!
  4. iboombastic

    iboombastic Well-Known Member

    Are you serious, its a scam for them to charge for a service they have. This is ridiculous, some channels are free and some require a premium service.
  5. nickoakdl

    nickoakdl Well-Known Member

    What are the other ones?
  6. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast

    Yup, my son did this be accident. I got Sprint to unsubscribe and refund me the $10. I also went to my son's phone online and clicked the thing to not allow extra services to be activated on the phone.
  7. pgus13

    pgus13 Well-Known Member

    It isn't a scam AT ALL!! I just click on a few premium channels and it DOES say it costs extra for that set of channels. One was $10 for a handful of channels, the other was $6 for a few others.

    You just didn't read the warning!! Just like people that don't read a contract they are signing!!
  8. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    on the pay channel i have clicked on it is clear as day. it says exactly what channels you get in the package and what the monthly fee is. then, there is even a confirm button. sounds like user error.

    Glad to hear Sprint was helpful for you!! :)
  9. pgus13

    pgus13 Well-Known Member

    Funny how these threads end when the OP turns out to be the one in error!
  10. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    lol. Amen.

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