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[Sprint] [VMOBI][ROM][alpha] Sprintorious - Victorious Ported 2 Sprint [stock deodexed optimized]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JerryScript, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Note - The original backup Sprintorious was built from was borked. I have rebuilt with a new backup from NolanUmar, thanks! Please do a complete backup before testing. New download file is 0.1.4

    Introducing Sprintorious ROM!

    A deodexed and optimized version of the stock goghspr firmware
    the Galaxy Victory Sprint (rooted only).

    Important - Sprintorious is currently being released as an update without the complete firmware package, which means you must be on the stock rooted firmware (JB stock), or Spintorious, before flashing Spintorious!
    Do NOT wipe system or data partitions when flashing!

    Note- If you have the ext2int app or one like it installed (links2sd, etc), uninstall the app before flashing!

    Note 2 -- Requesting any kernel devs who would like to pack their kernel with Sprintorious, please PM me a link to the boot.img, and THANK YOU!



    Note - Current screencaps taken from a VirginMobile Victory
    running Victorious ROM and RedSpot Uncapped kernel.
    Please post a screencap on a Sprint Victory running Sprintorious and your favorite kernel.

    WARNING!!! Installing custom ROMs on your phone could brick it, rendering it non-functional, and voiding your warranty! I take no responsibility for what you do to your phone! You have been WARNED!!!

    NOTE - You should turn your phone off before removing your SdCard! Unmounting in settings will unmount the internal SdCard since it is swapped with the extSdCard. Removing an SdCard while still mounted can damage the card's filesystem!

    What's different about Spintorious ROM compared to stock?
    1. Deodexed (slower first boot, but faster from then on)
    2. Removed most bloatware (Samsung, Sprint, and Google apps, live wallpapers, extra fonts, etc)
    3. Tweaks to the build.prop (taken from around the internet)
    4. Better battery life (thanks to less apps and services running with bloatware removed)
    5. Changed bootanimations and shutdown animation, and added ability to disable bootanimations in the build.prop (set debug.sf.nobootanimation=0)
    6. Changed boot and power off sounds
    7. Added support for swapping the internal and external sdcards for more storage
    8. Added TrevE Mod Wireless WiFi Tether app (4G LTE Rocks!)
    9. Added GoogleGallery4.3 (combo gallery and camera, camera is cool but pics are so so, I left the stock camera and gallery in as well)
    10. Changed boot-logo (initlogo.rle) from Samsung to Victorious ROM
    What's planned in the future?
    1. Adding built in support for moving apps to sdcard Added in 7-1-13 update!
    2. Adding support for init.d scripts Added in 7-1-13 update!
    3. Adding support for custom bootanimations (See here, will add a bootanimation chooser in the future)
    4. Add theme options (battery mods etc, try NinjaMorph for now)
    5. Attempting to add apps2extSd support, no promises Added in 7-19-13 update!
    6. More...
    How to install Sprintorious ROM?
    1. First, you must be running the rooted stock firmware and have a custom recovery installed (TWRP or CWM)
    2. I highly recommend backing up your apps with Titanium Backup!
    3. If you have extSd2internalSd installed, uninstall first (same with links2sd) Note- this may not be necessary anylonger, testing is needed to confirm
    4. Download Spintorious-0.1.4.zip here, and place on your sdcard
    5. Boot into recovery by turning off your phone, then holding Volume-Up and Power at the same time till it starts booting
    6. I highly recommend you do a backup now, seriously!!!
    7. Wipe cache, then under advanced wipe dalvik-cache, DO NOT WIPE SYSTEM!
    8. Install zip from sdcard (you may have to choose external sdcard)
    9. If you run a custom kernel, flash it now!
    10. Back at the main menu, Reboot System
    11. It takes a long time to boot the first time after flashing, be patient!
    Download files and links:
    1. Sprintorious-0.1.4 MD5 - 5ffd739ed43aff93fc5fbdb928550051
    2. Donate to Vmobi to offset hosting (I take no donations personally!!!)
    3. Sprintorious on GitHub (Create your own ROM from these files!)
    4. Rooting for newbies (thanks TheBritton!)
    5. Dsixda's Android Kitchen (thanks, made deodexing and zipalign a breeze!)

    How to configure tethering:
    1. Open Wifi Tether-TrevE Mod in your app drawer
    2. Press your Menu key and select Settings
    3. Select Change Device-Profile and scroll down to select Samsung Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE)
    4. Check Send Netd Max Client Cmd
    5. Optional : Enable WiFi-Encryption (recommended)
    6. If you enabled WiFi-Encryption, select Change Passphrase and enter a password at least 8 characters long
    7. Optional: Change SSID (recommended change the name to something you like, after all there's lots of AndroidPhones!)
    8. Optional: Change Channel (try till you find the best results)
    9. Check WiFi-driver reload (tested and works)
    10. Press your back button
    11. Press the large white WiFi symbol to start tethering, it will turn yellow once tethering is active, (note- you will have to grant SuperUser rights the first time)
    12. Now you can connect to your phone using the SSID and passphrase you entered
    13. Press the large yellow WiFi symbol to turn off tethering, then exit the app
    I have tested with both 3G and 4G, works great. I tested with 4G on Virgin Mobile (new to Vegas! ;)) by loading Yahoo which loaded almost instantly, then clicking on a link to a story about a 50ft wave on Deadliest Catch, then I watched the video which played without buffering at all! I bought this phone due to 4GLTE, and I'm not disappointed!

    Huge thanks to g60madman for creating Vmobi and hosting the files for Sprintorious, to NolenUmar for the stock backup Sprintorious was built from and testing, to mattiadj for the extsd2internalsd script, TheBritton, Koush, TrevE for WiFi-Tether, and a whole lot more!

    Note -- Stock goghspr deodexed and rooted can be downloaded here:
    md5sum 8332233ef12e4a10f1f8e452dda3dbab
    Again, thanks to NolenUmar for the stock backup used, both of them ;)!

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  2. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    1. Why do we have to have the stock firmware installed before flashing Sprintorious?
      I have been releasing Sprintorious as an update package, only replacing apps from the /system/frameworks, /system/app, /system/bin, /system/xbin, /etc/init.d, and boot.img files. I have done this in order to keep the update.zip file smaller and save bandwidth and downloading times. This will cause issues once other ROMs are available, so some time in the near future I will start releasing Spintorious as a full system package.
    2. What is deodexed and why do it?
      Android uses a special set of files called odex to store classes and information the applications need, in order to allow them to load faster. This only makes it faster the first time, after that all needed data is in the dalvik-cache and loads just as fast deodexed or odexed. Deodexing puts all the files and data into the main apk file, which is much easier for making changes and themes.
    3. What is bloatware and why remove it?
      Bloatware is a general term for anything Android doesn't need to make your phone run. This includes carrier/vendor overlays (Sprint, Samsung, and VirginMobile apps), extra wallpapers and livewallpapers, Google apps that can be installed from The Play Store, and bootanimations, ringtones, and other media files (though the Victory has a limited number of ringtones and notification sounds, so I left them all in). I will eventually post a list of all apps removed in Sprintorious.
    4. What is extSd2internalSd and why use it?
      The Victory has an internal SDcard and an external one, the external one is the one you can remove. The internal one is 2GB, your external one can be much larger. A simple script can swap these two cards in the filesystem, allowing you much more internal space. Many apps have huge files they download and store on the SDcard, games sometimes have 5gb files, which are impossible to store on the stock internal SDcard which only has less than 2gb available. You can use a 64gb sdcard and play all the games, store tons of pictures, anything you want!
    5. What is an upcapped kernel, and how does it help?
      The Victory's processor's speed is capped to 1.2Ghz out of the box. Using JupiterOne's RedSpot Uncapped kernel for the VirginMobile Victory, the limit is removed, allowing the processor to run at speeds in excess of 1.5Ghz, that's a 25% increase. Going much higher than 1.5Ghz may cause the processor to have errors, testing is in the works on pushing the cap higher. If any kernel devs would like to pack their kernel with Sprintorious, please PM me with a link to the boot.img. Note- I may make slight changes to the ramdisk! ;)
    6. How do I disable/re-enable the bootanimation?
      Edit the /system/build.prop file and put a # sign in front of the following line: debug.sf.nobootanimation=1 (or just change the 1 to a 0), a 1 means no bootanimation, a 0 or leading # sign means play bootanimation.

    Bug List:

    As of Version 0.1.4
    1. This is packaged as an update, not a complete ROM, so you must be running the rooted stock firmware, or Sprintorious, before flashing any releases of Sprintorious!
    2. The updater-script does not remove bloatware installed in the data partition
    3. Possible issue with video sharing menu (not present in Root Explorer's "Open With" menu)
  3. NolenUmar

    NolenUmar Well-Known Member

    Everything is fine and dandy :) 4G working. Although it seems Wi-Fi and Bluetooth aren't for some reason. Hmm... off to Google!
  4. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    If you have time, attempt to start both wifi and bt, then reboot and pull a logcat at boot, adb logcat, if it hangs press cntrl+c then repeat till you see output.

    Once you see output, press cntrl+c then type adb logcat > logcat.txt

    Once you are booted, turn both wifi and bt off then back on.

    Post the logcat.txt contents to pastebin.com and post the pastbin url here.

    We should at least be able to see when and possibly why the issues are happening.
  5. rbheromax

    rbheromax Android Expert

    Most issues with WiFi and BT not working are problems in the kernel.
  6. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    AFAIK This is using the stock kernel (the stock backup boot.img, right NolanUmar?), so I imagine it has something to do with either permissions or symlinks. To determine if it's the kernel, just flash another one (4.1.2) and see if it fixes the issue.

    My current theory: The CSC builds a bunch of stuff at first boot, including symlinks to firmware, and I believe these links get wiped and not rebuilt, causing most of the wifi/radio related issues when attempting to install a complete custom ROM package on the Victory. Look in /system/etc/firmware and see if you have around 100 symlinks. If you do have them, check to see if they are broken (symlink file structure wrong or permissions too low), I could be on a wild goose chase, but I think this is part of the issue.
  7. NolenUmar

    NolenUmar Well-Known Member

    I think I figured it out. To go completely back to stock I used Odin to flash a stock Sprint room to my phone. Since i couldn't find a Jb version I used the old ICS Rom, then I updated using a JB zip with twrp. THAT zip is what broke wifi and Bluetooth. I know cause I just went back and reflashed ics and let it upgrade through the phone upgrader to JB 4.1.1 and its fixed... sorry -_- that means the recovery I gave you had broken Wi-fi and Bluetooth. I'm going to flash the Sprintorious and see if it breaks it or not. I hope not
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  8. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Shit happens, it's all a part of deving. ;)

    My favorite quote about android development:

  9. rbheromax

    rbheromax Android Expert

    I love that quote, I bootloop every device I have like almost everyday, sometimes on purpose just to see how to fix it. I spend more time in adb than I do using the phones.
  10. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    BTW- If anyone wants the changes I made to the Android Kitchen (SG2 version) in order to deodex and build update zips for the SPH-L300 from nandroids, I can either post the changes, or send you the entire Kitchen zipped up. The only thing you have to do is make your own updater script, you can use mine which I cribbed from CM and the RedSpot kernel updater-scripts.

    Note- Anyone have any experience porting Lidroid? I would love to get those toggles working, but I hate mucking around in smali!
  11. g60madman

    g60madman Guest


    Just so you know the Sprint and VM both have different partitions as well. I posted both tables on each section for VM and Sprint. This also could be the reason, as Sprint doesn't have the carrier partition, and I think one other partition is different as well. Also they have two different kernels on Samsung's dev site on for VM and one for Sprint.
  12. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the tips! I've already set up the kitchen using the partition tables you posted for the Sprint SPH-L300, the only thing I don't have set up properly is the sdcard mount point, but I think that would only affect a2sd being added to the ramdisk, and I also don't have it set up in the VirginMobile edify_defs yet Victorious works fine, so I'm not worried about it.

    BTW- I've been able to mount the 2nd ext4 partition on my extSdCard, and modified the Links2SD script to utilize it. Virtually unlimited storage this way, but still no native a2sd (don't want to modify the vold). ;)
  13. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I may have found the issue, beginning of init.carrier.rc:
    1. # Mount Modem partition only for GOGH SPRINT JB
    2. on fs
    3.     mount vfat /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /firmware ro gid=1000,umask=0006,fmask=0006,dmask=0006,shortname=lower
  14. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    OK, got the new build up, this time synced to Victorious-0.1.4 and built from a new backup from NolanUmar, thanks! Please do a complete backup before testing!

    Download Sprintorious-0.1.4
    md5 5ffd739ed43aff93fc5fbdb928550051
  15. NolenUmar

    NolenUmar Well-Known Member

    Prefect! :D loving the app's to SD. I honestly thought it'd have to reinstall my apps and reapply certain settings but nope, I flashed from where I was and everything was fine. Thank you. Hope we can get the RedSpot kernel ported in the future.
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  16. odopodo

    odopodo Lurker

    I'm soooo grateful to those working on this effort. This will be the final culmination of everything I've wanted from my little Sprint Victory.

    Just a few thoughts from a noob who lurks here (me)...
    • The step-by-step directions are awesome. Can't thank you enough.
    • Kernels are beyond my understanding. I need a decrapified ROM, but I want to work with as much bulletproof code as possible. Can I just avoid the kernel issue altogether?
    • This is my only phone and I use it daily, so I can't afford an installation gone bad. I'll need to wait until the kinks are ironed out. Can one of our more expert participants declare when it's "ready for prime time" so us noobs can install it with less risk?

    Again, thanks to all who are building and testing this!
  17. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Good to hear it's working! I'll update the OP when I get home. ;)
  18. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Don't worry about the kernel, I include the stock one in the zip file, and if anyone wants me to pack their uncapped kernel in with Sprintorious I'll do it right away.

    Also, don't worry about borking your phone, so long as you do backups as recommended. If you have a working recovery, you can fix your ROM. If you have a working ROM, you can fix recovery easily. And even if you bork both the recovery and the ROM, you can always fix the recovery with Odin, then flash a stock backup or a backup you made.

    Backup first with TitaniumBackup (or a similar app). This will keep you from loosing your apps and having to redownload from the market.

    Backup second in recovery, and though it's an extra 4-5 minutes, it's worth it to make restoring your phone quick and painless. If you have a backup, you will have a hard time truly bricking your phone!

    And always save your backup folders to your PC just in case your sdcard fails! ;)
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  19. NolenUmar

    NolenUmar Well-Known Member

    I am running the speedball kernel now on this but I have a feeling redspot was way better
  20. rbheromax

    rbheromax Android Expert

  21. lessmeat

    lessmeat Lurker

    Works great. Thanks
  22. digitlhand

    digitlhand Lurker

    Does anyone know how to reinstall the fonts that were taken out of this ROM? Specifically, I'm looking to restore right-to-left language support. I need it for linguistics classes.
  23. nakamoniel

    nakamoniel Lurker

    would it work on stock 4.0.4 rooted? I flashed this rom and left phone on boot screen for an hour and didnt do anything, should i leave it even longerjust shows the droid and few white strips moving on top of screen
  24. NolenUmar

    NolenUmar Well-Known Member

    Important - Sprintorious is currently being released as an update without the complete firmware package, which means you must be on the stock rooted firmware (JB stock), or Spintorious, before flashing Spintorious

    <-- it's in the OP. Please read before flashing things to your phone.
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  25. nakamoniel

    nakamoniel Lurker

    Got it sorted out, went back to stock 4.0.4 using ODIN and then let samsung update to 4.1.2 and then rooted using TWRP and installed this ROM, EVERYTHING worked flawless, only 1 more problem now, I cant write anything to internal memory its read-only. Either from PC or from phone, I just cant write anything to memory, can anyone help with it please?

    I went thru same process on 2nd phone and it does exact same thing after flashing this ROM internal sdcard memory is read only and I tried but cant figure out how to make it write-able
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