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Spyware, malware, hacker? HELP!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kellysemail1128, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. kellysemail1128

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    I have a galaxy tab 4 7.0 (T230NU), which is rooted as well. I used a simple one click root method. I am NOT an expert so i went to google ti help me find a si ple way to root my device. I tried a few download methods and i believe that one of those links or websites had a virus in it.
    You might not believe me when i tell you about what this virus or hacker even is doing to me but believe me, its the truth and i need some serious help. Ever since the day i ropted my device and went on all those different websites my tablet has beem acting very weird and so has the wifi. I randomly get new files multiple times a day witn very very long codes in different colors. All tne file names are VERY similar to thr actual android system apps but theyre fake. I went online and figured out which ones are fske and which are real and confirmed that i do have both spyware and malware on my tablet. Here is where thingd stsrt to get weird, my IP adress is always foreign now, my google searches all come back to my birthdsy. EXAMPLE - Ill search up how to bake brownies amd every single result that c,omes back shows it was posted on my birthday. The day, year and month. My talking assistant will ramdomly say 'dont do that' or she will say 'give up'. BOTH of my emails have someone else controlling them and they send out strange emails in code to at least 50 people. Someone messaged my daughter using my device remotely asking for her passwords to her games, my daughter thought it was me asking!! There was strange social media accounts that try to add me and talk to me and they all have my same first name, similar last name and always look just like me. It makes it look like i do things i dont do, search things i dont search, talk to people i dont talk to and go places i have never been. Out of nowhere on my locstiom history it says i went to georgia a few months ago and then to Russia and i have never been to either. Almost every website i go to now, my web browser always warns me thst my connection is not secure and the urls seem different too. EVEN THIS HAPPENED, i logged into my on XDA forums and it said the last time i logged in was January 1st, 1970. Im only 28 years old so thst information is impossible. My device keeps turning off ramdomly, apps keep crashing, battery dies very fast. Apps appear that i didnt download. All my phome calls have echos. Messages get deleted amd sometimes it will shoe a text sent to NO NUMBER and the message wil contain a bunch of letters. These files are extremely strange, theyre not normal. My logcat shows my camera and mic beind accessed and shows warnings about other device connections and malicious intent. I could keep going but itll tske me forever to type. I factory reset my tablet and though everything would be ok after thhat but i was wrong becsuse all of the files and apps are back with strage photos and weird words, which leads me to believe its in the wifi as well which also explaims all the unknown connections i see. Whoever hacked into my stuff is basicslly me now and has created other accounts that look like me to do idk what... whaat do i do? How can i get my accounts back or at least deleted. Is there anyway i can check to see if my informatiom is forsale on the internet, and etc.. i just want this to go away and get my stuff back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. James L

    James L Android Expert

    Flash the device with clean firmware then change your email address and add 2 factor authentication.
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  3. Vtmonster1952

    Vtmonster1952 Newbie

    How do you flash device with clean firmware, will that remove an malware, I'm interested because I think was was attacked too
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    It depends what device you have. There is no generic answer.

    BTW for the OP, when I read that post I made a bet with myself that their birthday would be 1 Jan 1970. It's not that anyone knew their birthday, that the "start date" for Unix operating systems (Andriod is based on the Linux kernel, and Linux is an open-source Unix equivalent). So all that means is that there was no timestamp and the date defaulted to this - it doesn't mean that someone knows your birthday, it's just a coincidence.
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