SSD's: installing Avast


Android Expert
After redoing another windows install, I started to install all of my programs again. After installing Avast on my SSD, I wondered (perhaps a bit late) if it should probably be better on the HDD?
I realised (silly me) that I installed it in the default C:/Program files, and also that having it on the SSD wont make it search any faster, although Im not sure if uninstalling it and then reinstalling it will be worth the hassle?

and I'm in the same position with Rainmeter - before I installed in on the SSD but I dont know if it would make too much of a difference?


Android Enthusiast
Well, look at it this way....Avast, being an antivirus program, should probably be considered a "system app" anyway. Plus, if you do a lot of scanning individual files, the quicker response time should shave off a couple seconds of waiting on each scan. :)