"Starter" Android phone for AT&T?


May 18, 2010
Got to play with Android for the first time this weekend. Fooled around with an HTC Hero running Android 1.5. Gotta say Android more than met my expectations. Made me really want to find a device I can use right now just to play with it.

I still have my iPhone so I'm stuck with AT&T. I wanted to get something that I could just pop my SIM card out and throw in so I could occasionally play around with Android. Not looking to replace my iPhone just yet. About the only options I've been able to really find is the $530 Nexus One or the $599 Motorola Milestone.

So, any recommendations on a cheap Android phone that works with AT&T 3G data?
Not really. At&t's Android offerings are pretty lackluster IMO. Anything else has to be unlocked and without contract, i.e. ~$500+ as you've already seen unless you get lucky on eBay.