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Starting with Sprint and Epic

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tomislaus, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Tomislaus

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    Sep 3, 2010

    Sep 3, 2010
    I got my shiny new toy and thought I'd post about my experiences for the folks who are waiting to see how the epic is received.

    The EPRP seems to have been accepted just fine, which is awesome to get a cheaper monthly bill. Woohoo!

    I was quite surprised when Sprint's signup pages went "OBTW, we're going to charge you $5 a month extra if you don't set up automatic billing." They tried to sell it as a feature to me but that was sales speak BS. There's some fiddly stuff about they're gonna nail you with the $5 fee on month 1 but they randomly give you $5 of your first bill. moving on...

    In order to port your old phone number over to the new phone, they ask for your password to your old account. Standard security practice is to NEVER give anyone your passwords. It bugs my professional side quite a bit that they even ask. You can refuse though. That involves calling them, no big deal.

    Once the shiny new phone is in my hot little hands, I'm still damn impressed at how bright the screen is backlit by default. I say default because the bright backlight was the number one power draw when the phone started whining about the battery at 2pm. (2am unplug, 10am started using it) Folks have said that the first day is the worst battery life so I have hope.

    The power button takes a few tries to get used to. It's easy to slide the keyboard out instead of pressing the button. By the way, sliding the keyboard out makes the phone wake up too.

    There's a very nice little widget that will tell you how many apps are running in the background at any one time. Which is critically important because everything seems to keep running when you go back to the home screen.

    Damn this thing is faster than my first generation iPhone! Downloading apps was super fast and easy.

    It surprised me that some apps tried to install themselves deeper than I expected. I'm not sure if it was Opera Mini or Dolphin or both but now I get asked which browser I want to use... when ... I ... pick a browser. And one of them went "Hey, I'm not the default browser, can I beat up the default browser and take his crown everyday?" I do not miss those days on the PC.

    ES Security tried to snag the home key to launch its own, um, home screen. The default one is not "Home" but "TwLauncher" so you know.

    It was completely GPS deaf inside the metal box building I work in and the wifi location didn't resolve accuately (unlike my old iphone). Outside, it seemed to behave pretty well. It was off by 50 feet but that's really all I need anyway. It's not like I'm trusting the gps fix without using my brain in between.

    Don't get calls while your phone is connected to your computer. It seriously confused my Vista box when the phone disconnected itself to handle the call.

    I'm quite happy with the integration with gmail and the calendar.

    Oh, the small end of the charging cable is not quite a standard usb connector so I'll be buying some extra cables to cover home, work and travel. (Cables are the sort of thing that I always forget.)

    My general vibe is that it's less foolproof that an iPhone but powerful, fast and flexible.


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