Root Staying with ICS or going back to 2.3.6?


Hey guys, I have had my Galaxy S (i9000) on Dark Knight 5.5 ICS for a while now and I think I have finally had enough and may be moving back to 2.3.6. It is just so laggy! If I have anymore then about 3 or 4 things open in the task manager, the phone just stops working basically, and just waking itself up is a challenge. I'm not sure if there is any way to stop this or if its just what comes with using a OS that isn't made for your phone.

The only thing that (In my opinion) has running for ICS, is the keyboard and auto-correct (which I cannot seem to get to work on 2.3.6), and the general nicer look of it. Other then that I think I would prefer 2.3.6.

Have any of you occurred this problem? What are your thoughts?

Also, if anyone has tips for auto-correct working on 2.3.6, please let me know, because from memory, I don't think I could get it to work, also, I want it to work for non swipe. I don't like swipe.

Thanks a lot!
Why not get a nightly build of cm10? I have this in my sgs and it works fine.

The one bugbear I should warn you about is the battery life. Other than that it works fine.


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If you head over to xda check development thread for dark knight rom.. You will see its one of the best if not the best custom ics rom..
Did you format data, cache, system, datadata from recovery (to wipe all remains of previous rom)..
Many have same problem when not done "full wipe "