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Steinheil "free" bonus and my application tips-and-tricks...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DeaconBoogie, May 19, 2010.

  1. DeaconBoogie

    DeaconBoogie Member
    Thread Starter

    Ordered my Steinheil crystal protector and got them today. Just applied the screen to the Incredible. So far, it looks great!

    First, the "free" bonus:

    Steinheil's crystal protector has a cutout for the directional control pad (the circular button/pad at the bottom of the phone).

    When you remove the first part of the protector's shipping sheet, don't throw the circular cutout part away! Set it aside... Why? Because it makes a perfect fit over the phone's camera lens! (The opening to the CMOS has about a 1/12th of an inch bezel underneath the glass, so the edges of the circular cutout of the screen protector are well outside of the sensor's visible area -- so you will not see circular vignetting in your pictures!)

    I doubt this was part of the plan, but it works great and does not affect picture quality in any way that I could discern whatsoever.

    My screen application tips:

    1. Use good microfiber. I use an automotive grade buffing towel with a nice thick nap.

    2. Use the auto detailer's trick of looking at a reflected halogen light off the glass. If you don't have halogen, a florescent will do. Otherwise, good old fashioned incandescent will work. The idea is to see all the dust or bits left behind on the screen before you apply the protector.

    3. Before even getting the protector ready, get a piece of adhesive tape (regular old Scotch brand Magic Tape is perfect -- the one in the green tartan packaging) and roll it around itself loosely so that you have a ribbon of tape with the sticky side out. You can pinch the tape this way and dab the remaining particles off of the screen.

    4. Align the screen per the instructions and lay it down. If there is any dust, it has now attached itself to the screen. Pull the screen up and use the tape to dab the dust off.

    This all worked for me. I have a flawless screen install!

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  2. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    Good advice's :cool:
  3. Reddog80p

    Reddog80p Android Enthusiast

    I installed mine last night. Just cleaned the screen well and followed instructions. This was the first time I ever put a screen protector on and it was very simple. For the ppl who need more than text/pictures for install help check out the vid below. The install is on a 3GS with the anti-fingerprint but it also applies to any device in general. The best tip I can give is to use the scotch tape to remove any dust (appears to be a small bubble with a tiny dot in the middle) just lift the closest corner with the scotch tape being careful not to touch the adhesive side with your fingers. Then take another piece of scotch tape and dab the spot with the scotch tape until the dust is gone.

    YouTube - SGP Screen Shield Install & Review
  4. Angel_Shooter

    Angel_Shooter Newbie

    I discovered this little bonus this weekend but you beat me to the posting! ;) Just like to have a little xtra protection on that camera lens.
  5. Hilly

    Hilly Newbie

    Dang-it, I got mine this weekend but have already thrown away that part. :mad:

    I was comparing my Stienheil Crystal Clear with my friends Zagg on his N1 and it was simply no comparison. The Steinheil looks better, feels better, doesn't smudge as much , and mine was installed better even though I did it myself (and it's not perfect 3 tiny bubble around the edge).

    One question, was it supposed to come with two covers? All the documentation online and even the package itself indicated one but it included two.
  6. jasonb1985

    jasonb1985 Android Expert

    got mine today, and it's on perfectly! i'm a happy customer.
  7. DeaconBoogie

    DeaconBoogie Member
    Thread Starter

    The site says two and the package contains two. :)
  8. sandman423

    sandman423 Newbie

    got mine but the corner is messed up...and I got some Lint or dust underneath my sceen but for now I will let it be because as long as the screen is covered it is protected.
  9. Hand76

    Hand76 Guest

    What are you talking about? The Steinhel is smoother and doesn't have any orange peel look. It looks and feels better.
  10. wayrad

    wayrad Android Expert

    There is a pale blue protective sheet on one side of the screen protector; you're supposed to take that off.
    If it has a strange tacky feel, you put it on upside down (don't ask how I know this:eek:).
    Sharondippity likes this.
  11. akrulez308

    akrulez308 Newbie

    Wow I feel like an idiot. I put on the wrong film lol... :p

    Please disregard my post.
  12. Chandria

    Chandria Well-Known Member

    LOL...smooth...goes for both of you! ;)
  13. 1967ls2

    1967ls2 Well-Known Member

    Just installed mine and it went on nearly flawlessy the very first time I laid it down. It is not centered 100% perfectly around the track pad but nothing major. Not one bubble or anything on the screen.
  14. dhj

    dhj Member

    I just got and put these on both my wife's and my phone. I love it. I don't think the slight loss in screen clarity is that big of a deal compared to the smoothness of the touch. My daughter looked and immediately thought it was blurry FWIW. I'm pleased!
  15. DeaconBoogie

    DeaconBoogie Member
    Thread Starter

    I assume you're talking about the anti-glare screen? The crystal screen is perfectly clear. I mean it literally looks exactly like naked glass.
  16. dhj

    dhj Member

    Oops. Yes, the anti-fingerprint. :)
  17. Limerick

    Limerick Newbie

    did you use the cutout from the clear protector sheet that had the green tag attached to it? the one that you peel back halfway? the reason I ask is because on my clear protector sheet the circular cutout is only scored and I can't seem to pop it out. am I missing something?
  18. beenz

    beenz Android Enthusiast

    Another trick, is to put a piece of tape on the edge (so it hangs over the edge) of the protector. That way, if you get a piece of lint/dirt under the protector, you can peel it back easily. I had to peel two of the corners back due to lint, and now I have bubbles in those corners that will not go away :(

    Compressed air might be a good way to get all of the dirt off the screen
  19. dhj

    dhj Member

    I didn't see any cutout, and I looked after reading this thread. I must be missing something.:thinking:
  20. beenz

    beenz Android Enthusiast

    The protector is one piece, and you punch out the hole where the optical trackpad is. The circle that is left is the cutout
  21. Limerick

    Limerick Newbie

    Same here, the protector itself (not the shipping plastics that come off either side) did not have a circle to punch out, it was just an empty hole...
  22. DeaconBoogie

    DeaconBoogie Member
    Thread Starter

    It would appear that some people are getting protectors with the cutout removed... Perhaps a call to Steinheil is in order? :) We demand the circular bits to protect our camera lenses! :D
  23. gleek

    gleek Lurker

    Isn't it circular protectors to protect our lens protector?
  24. nick99wj

    nick99wj Newbie

    be careful putting that little circle on your camera....push to hard and that glass protector pops further into the phone................

    but, good news is, I was able to pop it back into place with a piece of scotch tape
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