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Steinheil, Where Art Thou?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nem_Zero, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Nem_Zero

    Nem_Zero Member
    Thread Starter

    I've been looking at all the screen protector reviews and such, but I am simply sold on Steinheil.. but ..but ..*cries* They don't have one for EVO yet! I sent an email asking what's going on and that many of us here are awaiting word from them. If they ever get back to emailing me I'll update it here.

    I know they've had inventory issues with the Incredible but.. even the Incredible is having inventory issues from VZW. Don't just stop functioning for that one phone, so come on Steinheil!

  2. cesjr02

    cesjr02 Android Enthusiast

    Get the boxwave or Clarivue to tie you over. No sense waiting with an unprotected phone!

    At least, that was my thinking.
  3. takeheart

    takeheart Newbie

    I ordered the Clarivue, and it seems like the quality is decent enough. I haven't ever really researched screen protectors before, so what aspects does this Steinheil brand offer that other brands don't?
  4. Nem_Zero

    Nem_Zero Member
    Thread Starter

  5. pingpongboss

    pingpongboss Android Enthusiast

    They responded to one forum member's email, saying that after the Evo is officially out, they'll release products for the Evo ASAP.
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  6. Nem_Zero

    Nem_Zero Member
    Thread Starter


    and with that said I just had an "oh crap!!" moment. I just realized I didn't add the apartment number to my address for the Seido case I ordered for the phone!:eek:
  7. DarkManX4lf

    DarkManX4lf Well-Known Member

    The steinheil screen protectors look really good. Are they the only ones who make fingerprint resistant protectors ?
  8. Nem_Zero

    Nem_Zero Member
    Thread Starter

    I think they're the only ones who have the distinction in their title of the product, but I think it's a feature in someone else's SP too.
  9. T3CH

    T3CH Newbie

  10. DarkManX4lf

    DarkManX4lf Well-Known Member

    Is the ghost armor fingerprint resistant?

    I doesn't say on their site.

    I've used Zagg, body armor, and best skins ever....all of those are not fingerprint resistant.
  11. T3CH

    T3CH Newbie

    Yes, but these protectors are also not clear, they have a slight haze to them. Here is a good comparison I saw on YouTube. They are both great products.

    bah youtube embed didn't work
  12. pingpongboss

    pingpongboss Android Enthusiast

    Usually Anti-Glare means Anti-Fingerprint. Most companies classify their protectors as anti-glare and not anti-fingerprint.
  13. T3CH

    T3CH Newbie

  14. DarkManX4lf

    DarkManX4lf Well-Known Member

    Ghostarmor is one that I have not tried. From the video review it looks like that guy had finger prints / smudges on his ghost armor....
  15. T3CH

    T3CH Newbie

    Yes, it is going to show some fingerprints, but it is much better than a stock screen. If fingerprints are your arch nemesis than wait for a Steinheil anti-fingerprint to be released. I believe some anti-glare makes of other models screen protectors are supposed to be very fingerprint resistant as well.

    Personally a cloudy looking screen bothers me more than a fingerprint. I prefer crystal clear protection with relatively good fingerprint prevention. Its all a matter of taste.
  16. bck9900

    bck9900 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys would the ghost armor protect the entire phone from drops if I buy the phone kit? Looking at buying two but want to make sure I'm getting what I want and need
  17. Nem_Zero

    Nem_Zero Member
    Thread Starter

    Anyone know about how anti-glare acts in sunlight?
  18. C4PO

    C4PO Lurker

    Don't expect the Steinheil protectors for at least a couple weeks after launch. It was the same with the Droid Incredible. For whatever reason, they don't have access to a pre-release phone. They have to wait til the 4th like the rest of us.
  19. tomhagen

    tomhagen Member

    SGP Steinheil or nothin'... my Evo screen will be naked until they come out.
  20. bck9900

    bck9900 Well-Known Member

    Mod please move
  21. VGPOP

    VGPOP Android Enthusiast

  22. tjwoo

    tjwoo Well-Known Member

    Just be prepared for a hazy cloudy screen if you get their anti-glare/fingerprint screen
  23. NiCK Crush

    NiCK Crush Well-Known Member

    yes, these need to come out, now.
  24. pingpongboss

    pingpongboss Android Enthusiast

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  25. Bootup

    Bootup Newbie

    I'm going to Ghost Armor tomorrow because they have a kiosk near me. I used them for my TP2, iPod Touch and wife's Iphone. I haven't had a problem with them at all.

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