Jun 10, 2019
I want to Film and bought an Stereo Mic and forgotten that I dont have an Stereo Input Adapter all are Mono... :rolleyes:...
So can someone recommend one? I use Google and found nothing with an reasonable Price.
Thanks :cool:
I think it would help to know what sort of mic you've got there. Like is it condenser or dynamic, what sort of termination it has, phone jack, XLR, etc. also does it require phantom power? Suggest you post the exact type, and maybe a URL or pic of it.

There are plenty of USB stereo audio adapters available. What will work, all depends on the particular mic you're trying to connect.
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That's really designed for use with DSLR type cameras and digital camcorders, some of which do have stereo mic jacks. There are USB adapters that have stereo input, but the ones I've seen all have stereo line-level rather than mic-level audio. So I think it would need a stereo pre-amp to work.

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Never heard of it, and that site just gives a log-in page. Maybe it's something used by the AF site for admin or something? AFAIK there's nothing malicious on AF, and your whatever it is "Security System" is wrong? But AF's admin might know more.
Link? Pls. dont post spam Links.

I won't.

There is an build in the Mic if I need.

Sounds like you know more about this particular mic than me. If it has, you might be able to use it with any USB audio adapter that has stereo line-in jacks. Of course, I've never seen or used this mic.

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I did. Can't see anything suspicious in e-mails from AF.
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Someone recommend the Boya USB-C Adapter. Well the dont claim that the are a Stereo Mic Adapter but in my case it seem the are Stereo. I try and film a little and the Audio Lines seem to be stereo.
There is from Rode also an "adapter" but the cost 80€ or so...