Sticky inquiry?


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The video vault thread, though quite long, sometimes goes unnoticed for a while and then we have to search for it. What are the thoughts about making it a sticky in The Lounge? Then newer members would see it as well.

Thanks for considering this request.

And while I'm asking, I'd like to also affirm that there are so many, many things to like about this forum. Two that I love are the "unanswered posts" link and the ability to set up favorites and search quickly for new posts in them. Very, very useful. Thanks for all that the mods and admins do to keep this site so great!


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Thanks for the kind words rootabega. I'm glad that I've contributed to this site as a new member in blue through becoming a moderator in red. That's something that should make all levels of members here proud is the community feel.

As far as lounge threads as stickies, we rely on thread popularity to keep things near the top for a conversation area of the forum. If you do notice what is stuck, the three threads are all started by site admins. These three also often attract new members looking for help where us mods and guides can point them in the best direction for them to get answers. I'm subscribed to dozens (hundreds???) of threads in the lounge and find if the conversation is worth carrying on, the thread will be found. Heck, there is the Undead thread that was started as a halloween joke two years ago and is still active on a near daily basis today.