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General Still conflicting information about app space in reviews

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rushmore, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 13, 2008
    A couple of the reviews refer to the app space and say that none of the 8gb is for apps and you are constrained to the rom. This makes no sense, based on the 768mb free storage showing up in snapshots of some of the reviews. Logic is taking a hit here:

    1. 768mb shows free for storage
    2. Internal media memory shows 6.6gb
    3. If 8gb flash, about 7.8 should show free (not 6.6)
    4. If apps are constrained to the 512mb rom (as reviews state), the OS and preinstalled apps would take up space, so 220mb or less would be free with Android 2.1 and the Sense UI
    5. 768mb free on a 512mb rom is impossible- even excluding how much space the OS and preinstalled apps take.

    Why even after the device is released is there still conflicting info? Wild.

    My guess is some of the flash is being allocated for the apps (hence the 6.6gb).

    Even with my guess, all of the memory is not accounted for.


    Looks like HTC may have not done a good job mapping the memory with how the OS reads it

    From Engadget's review:


    In a somewhat new move for Android phone, HTC has equipped the Incredible with 8GB of internal storage as well as a MicroSD slot which can handle an additional 32GB -- giving you a whopping potential 40GB of space for your goods. We love the idea of a hardwired option for content storage, but HTC has some problems with this implementation. Firstly, many apps currently available in the Android Market which utilize an SD card for offloading data aren't able to see the internal storage at all, which means if you drag some APKs you want to install or want to download some data when you're in an app, you're out of luck. It just simply doesn't see it. This was especially problematic with the NYC Bus & Subway Maps application which requires a download of the train maps, and when we tried to run Nesoid (a popular NES emulator), it not only couldn't find ROMs saved on the phone's storage, but it force closed when we tried to move up a directory! This may not seem like a big deal, but more than once when using the phone we hit this brick wall by not having an SD card present. For the $199 price tag on this thing, it wouldn't have killed HTC or Verizon to throw in even a 2GB card to make the transition easier.


  2. incredible snafu

    incredible snafu New Member

    May 12, 2010
    Some are missing the point. It is not a problem with too many apps downloaded and living in your "phone memory" (748mb) instead of the internal memory (6.6gb) or you sd card. The problem is that even though your phone memory (748mb) has 710mb free, your phone will report "Low on space. Phone storage is getting low."

    The next thing that happens, regardless of what you erase, is that your phone reports that you have insufficient memory for sms or mms messages. You are bricked.

    This is a memory leak apparently, and the stats on the "sd card and phone storage" page show you have free memory out the wazoo. It is a freaking defect, and htc/google/verizon are talking about it. You are left with a phone, period. And your calendar won't sync, apps crash, etc, due to no memory.

    This is quite rotten for a phone one may count on. Wish I had not abandoned by iPhone, at least the apps worked, if the phone calls were dropped.

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