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still dropping streaming with data connection or wifi

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Paul Mars, Dec 22, 2021.

  1. Paul Mars

    Paul Mars Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Streaming forums

    All using chrome

    Hiddenbrain at podcasts.apple.com...
    All ok, and some others ok too. They do drop once in a while, but recover w\o me missing anything. However
    Bbc all drop and dont recover.

    Tried the wmnf, wusf, bbc apps and they too drop and dont recover.

    App or chrome, i need refresh chrome to continue listening...until it happens again. Often dont last 5 minutes before it drops.

    Happens wifi and happens using phone data.

    Only happens after the display goes sleep.

    Ideas ?

    ZTE Z719DL
    V 7.1.1

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  2. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    Probably battery optimization, most likely on Chrome or Android System Webview.

    (type 'battery optimization')
    tap the small arrow next to 'not optimized'
    select all apps
    look for apps that stop when screen goes off
    select 'Don't Optimize' for these apps
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  3. Paul Mars

    Paul Mars Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just turned off for chrome bat opt and webview i see is set to disabled.
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