Help Still no Bluetooth Voice Dialling in Official Desire Froyo (2.2)


Hi all,

I have posed this question in some threads but as yet have made no progress.

I am just curious as to why HTC appear to have left out the Bluetooth Voice Dialler function that can be provided by the Froyo 2.2 O/S. I believe this feature is present and enabled in some of the cooked roms and also in the Nexus one Vanilla 2.2 so why not here?

If I have missed somthing simple or if anyone is aware why it is missing or how I can activate it that would be fantastic!



I was also looking forward to this, and discovered with disapointment that HTC haven't seemed to enable it - I've tried with the stock voice dialer, and also with Choice Dialer Free - which actually says upon installation that yes, I'm running Android 2.2, which enables voice dialing when pressing the dial button on a bluetooth device - but still doesn't work.

Anybody have any ideas?
I emailled HTC about it and got this response.

Thank you for contacting HTC In reply to your email the bluetooth voice dialling will be an app you need to get on the market.....
Their own press release said it would have a full set of 2.2 features.


I emailled HTC about it and got this response.

Their own press release said it would have a full set of 2.2 features.

DO NOT trust HTC support. They are ALL morons. I messaged them about the froyo update, the first response I got said "I currently have no information about any future updates for the device. Once an update is available for your device it will be pushed out over the air by your carrier, or on our offical HTC website at HTC - Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Cell Phones, PDAs. I do apologize for any inconvinience."

SO i replied and asked if the froyo update notice was bogus not happening.. got this response... "Thank you for your reply. I did not state that there was no update. I just do not have this information. Again, once an update is available for your device it will be pushed out over the air by your carrier, or on our offical HTC website at"

So apparently HTC had NO NOTICE that they were performing an update... THEN.. for some strange reason... I got this reply today.. after I DIDNT send ANY reply to the last email...

"I understand that you are needing instructions on how to stream media on you T-Mobile HD2. In order to play streaming video, you will need to find a website that has a link to a video that you want to watch. HTC does not have a list of links that you can use, you will need to search for these sites on your own. I can recommend streaming video from the YouTube application, or from"

All from a tech named "Elizabeth". Lets just hope the employees who BUILD their phones are ALLOT smarter than the "people" supporting them.. ;)

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This is the response I got from HTC when I emailed them.

Dear Simon, Thank your email. In regards to the voice dialing on the 2.2, it is only available in North America due to the limitations of the voice recognition software database that our phone uses. We are researching the possibility of expanding the coverage of the Voice-To-Text feature but we are still analyzing the feasibility and currently have no schedule to relay to you now. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Kind Regards,
To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number 10GBCW32ENAXXXXXX.

Disappointed doesn't quite sum it up right.


This feature is apparently only available to North American users. (I've seen a couple of different posts with quotes from HTC support from different support people indicating this).

Also - I have tried a variety of 3rd party apps on 2.2 that say they work over Bluetooth, but don't.

I got an email back from a developer yesterday effectively saying if the phone doesn't already support bluetooth voice dialing without their app, then it won't with their app either. (Guess they piggyback on existing technology).

I would have been happy to root my phone to get this feature, but was under the impression I wouldn't have to when I updated to the HTC version of froyo. Now I still don't have bluetooth voice dialing, and I no longer have the option to root my phone either to get it. :(

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I wonder if someone could get the apk to install it, like with the modded keyboard but for bluetooth voice dialing.


If it's "just" the apk, then I would be extremely interested to get my hands on it. However, I'm concerned that there's more to this and it's part of the kernel.


After installing the Telstra Froyo upgrade yesterday on my stock standard HTC Desire and then finding out the bluetooth support is nobbled, I found and installed Choice Dialer+ free V.1.7.0 today in the hope it might work. At first I felt the bitter pang of dissapointment when it failed to work after installation. Then in desperation I powered off and on the phone "just in case" and guess what - it actually works! Woohoo. Press my Nokia bluetooth car kit button once, it autostarts the Choice Dialer, prompts me via the bluetooth kit and even (sometimes) recognises what I ask it to do, then does it. Just like a real phone! It struggles a little with the aussie accent, but americanise your voice a little and the dialer works just fine.

Hope this is helpful...
Thanks Leighb1...I've spoken to Telstra, said I loved the Desire, but with no DT voice dialing, i wpuld have to return it...had the authority to do it and was going to package it up this weekend and send it back. Have had many conversations with HTC re: the problem...they said that the 2.2 update was on their website...spent last night till 1.00pm loading it and resetting my phone.....went to bed and got up this morning to eagerly try my incar bluetooth....nothing...would recieve calls as before but not come out of sleep mode when I pressed the bluetooth button (have ChoiceDialer installed). So I thought, that's's gotta go back and then get a phone that would do this. Tonight, saw your post...turned my phone off....restarted, and like a charm (got to practice the yank accent a bit more though). So thanks again saved me returning a phone that I love. And to all of you having the BT dialing problem, follow Leighb1's method.
I promised HTC I would let them know after the update.....god knows why they don't know this stuff....or perhaps they don't care.
After all, a phone like this should have this feature as standard in this day and age....should not have to download an app.


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The speach recognition app on my old Palm Centro had a training facility, so it learnt to recognice your own voice and accent. I don't understand why someone hasn't come up with something along those lines for Android.


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I know I'm raising this thread from the dead here but just so you all know ... us north american's didn't get special treatment here. I have the Alltel Froyo release (read as american) and also have no BT voicedial. I'm going to try the tip about choice dialer.

Edited to add: Choice dialer plus free worked for me too.