still no update?????


what's going on I still haven't gotten my update????

I have a T-Mobile nexus and its not rooted...

anyone else still hasn't got theirs yet????


The latest news said only press-reviewer N1's actually got the update. Google's official statement was in the coming weeks for the general public.

If you want it now looks like its the manual update.


Android Expert
Easy enough:

Step 1. Copy the following to the root of your SD card and name it (44.4MB)

Step 2. Reboot in to the recovery. Power+Trackball > Bootloader > Recovery

Step 3. Press Vol Up+Power

Step 4. Apply

Step 5. Enjoy

This does NOT wipe your phone, however, I would HIGHLY suggest that you uninstall any Home Replacement apps or launchers BEFORE you apply this update!! I know that HelixLauncher will loop your phone and a full WIPE will be needed to get it back.

Other than that, should be quick and easy update.