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still waiting for JELLYBEAN

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jeff g ives, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. jeff g ives

    jeff g ives Newbie
    Thread Starter

    any news on jellybean for the TF101 yet ????

  2. Ralkkai

    Ralkkai Android Enthusiast

    Haven't heard any news for stock except that they plan on it some day, but that was based on an article I read about 3 months ago. As far as rooted users goes, you have EOS 3, EOS 4, and Cyanogenmod 10 but I don't know how you feel about flashing over custom roms.
  3. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Android Enthusiast

  4. partridge

    partridge Android Enthusiast

    I don't see it happening, I'm sure the device is capable, but Asus seem to have moved on now.

    I'm thinking that the best time to sell it was a few months back and it's resale value now will be a fraction of its original price. Still, it served me well (and still does).
  5. Ralkkai

    Ralkkai Android Enthusiast

    I don't know where I read it, maybe in the xda forums, but it's official that they won't be releasing JB for the TF101. If I come across the post again, I'll try to remember to link it.
  6. Ralkkai

    Ralkkai Android Enthusiast

    Here's the thread from xda. I don't understand why they wouldn't release JB for the TF101 anyway since it can run on it and runs well and all the software for the 101 all the way to the 300 are basically the same, it seems like they could have just released it for the whole lot of em....oh well sad days

  7. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    I would agree with partridge...probably not coming via official release.

    ROM development for the TF101 has been rapidly declining as well. Sounds silly to say that when you can get 4.2 running very well via EOS4 but that is through the great efforts of a very select few people. The tablet is almost 2 years old and has not seen a software update in 6 months. Considering the fact that they have publicly stated that The Transformer Pad, Transformer Prime, Transformer Pad Infinity, will get a JB update...I'd say the likelihood of the TF101 getting it is pretty slim.

    There is a petition if you want to sign it. Only 2,000 signatures and that is not a lot of "noise" to make Asus invest money in software development for an old product.

    Petition Update to Android Jelly Bean 4.1 for Asus TF101 and TF101G!
  8. db2

    db2 Android Enthusiast

    I can deal with HDMI not working, GPS is a little more bothersome because I do use it. I also have a gtablet and miss the GPS when I'm using that one. Still, I think I'll give that one a try some time soon.
  9. Ralkkai

    Ralkkai Android Enthusiast

    If you're gonna flash a 4.2 rom, you should check out EOS 4. It's pretty solid and everything. I haven't tested GPS but I haven't heard anyone complain about it not working. They are saying that the most recent builds are ready for everyday use though. I've been pushing this particular rom though since I'm partial to it.
  10. db2

    db2 Android Enthusiast

    I'm on the rom posted in that thread above right now. Plenty of issues. The dock battery isn't recognized by the system, the mouse pad is always on which is annoying to say the least, sound is inconsistent ie some work some don't like PvsZ is absolutely silent, the "flick" gesture to scroll a list doesn't work half the time, and a few other things I can't recall off the bat since I didn't make a list as things happened.

    GPS, I don't know if it works or not. Maps may just be using my last location, it appears to be going through the GPS motions software wise but the pointer doesn't move when I do.

    Would not recommend the raymanfx build or the one in that thread built off it with newer CM sources.

    Does the EOS 4.2 have the above issues? If so I won't bother, I'll just go back to Revolver+my own hacks until JB is a bit more mature. There's lots I like about this JB build but there are too many insurmountable problems.

    (this reply took 10 times longer than it should have because of that stupid mouse pad being stuck on, cursor kept moving to the middle of a paragraph)
  11. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Wish I could help answer your questions but I was too cheap to spring for the keyboard dock :)
  12. db2

    db2 Android Enthusiast

    I wouldn't have one either, if it hadn't been so cheap on Amazon. Worth getting for sure.

    Another gripe I have is the interface itself. I mean, I like the stock/CM look on some devices, but on the 101 I like the look Asus went with. I like their quick settings and notifications panel, and I like it on the bottom right with the back/home/etc buttons on the left. Maybe that's a lot to ask at this point but I'd sure like it as an option at least.

    I'm going to give EOS 4 a shot. May as well at least take it for a drive before restoring my ICS backup.
  13. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    I thought the new phablet style layout was a mistake by google in 4.2... But the more I use it, the more I like it.

    As far as the EOS ROM goes, it is definitely the furthest development of any 4.2 ROM. I would suspect that would equate to good dock support.
  14. db2

    db2 Android Enthusiast

    Now on EOS 4 and have used it for a bit testing things that I do with my tablet. (you should've seen me swap roms on my gtab if you think that was quick!)

    The gripe I had with the dock in the raymanfx build isn't an issue in EOS, the battery is reported properly. When docking the tablet a notification for input shows up, which we're all familiar with from stock, but this one is dismissable unlike stock which is a definite plus.

    One of the things I forgot that didn't work was USB, in EOS it works beautifully. The only thing that's irritating is there's a notification saying that it was removed and it won't go away, and it calls the USB drive a SD Card. That last is a detail that is likely an understandable low priority, but that and the persistent notification really irks the OCD part of me. ;)

    The "buttons" on the lower bar can be set to reside on the left like Asus did it so halfway there, now if the top bar with notification/clock can get put there to mimic Asus' design I'd be very happy with it. There are quick settings in the notification panel (not shown by default) which is similar to stock, not exactly the same though but functional mostly. If you turn something off in Settings (tested with GPS) the quick setting doesn't change.

    GPS, I don't think it works. GPS was on but Maps wanted me to turn it on again. Now the notification for GPS won't go away and it's not actually working in Maps. I don't think it was working in the other rom either so it's a wash I guess.

    No "fling" issues noticed yet.

    The dock button to turn off the mouse touchpad works, but gives no visual feedback like stock did. Things like that are important, if anyone from EOS is reading this. I'm sure they know but have to say it anyway, for now I'm happy it works.

    PvsZ makes sound in this one, but very very quiet. This must be that sound bug everyone was talking about. Low sound is better than none though.

    Conclusion: EOS is indeed much better, but it's not quite ready for prime time. Close though, if someone wants JB that's the one to get for sure. If I didn't have need to restore my ICS backup for other reasons I'd probably stick with it even with busted GPS.

    edit: Back on ICS now from the aforementioned backup. Know what'd be nice? If TWRP and CWM would play nice together so I didn't have to hack the piss out of my backups just to get them to install. And then there's versions mucking it up worse, where a backup from version X is useless with version Y. We can do better than this.
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  15. db2

    db2 Android Enthusiast

    I hate it. Completely. I have an Android phone now and it can look like a phone, my tablet isn't a phone and shouldn't look like one. "Phablet" is a step backwards in to a hot steaming pile of GB.

    Didn't like the launcher either, also too phone-like and GB-like. Installed Apex almost right away, it's infinitely better.
  16. Ralkkai

    Ralkkai Android Enthusiast

    Boy howdy had to pour a cup of coffee just to get through this wall of text. Kind of sad I missed out on the excitement. I do apologize about sending you on a wild goose chase to install that particular JB rom from the beginning. I hadn't tested it but it was what folks were pointing at.

    Also, it seems that yeah, JB and even EOS still has some growing to do. I'm on the latest EOS 4 build and none of the issues from the previous one seemed to be worked out.

    Honestly if you can handle the occasional random reboot (which only seems to happen when you aren't using it) and you want all the amenities of JB, AND you are still in the mood to flash, I'd try EOS 3 build nubmer 81. I can find the link for you if you want it. It's probably the most solid JB rom out for this tablet and it has all the things worked out that you had issues with. It's confusing why with just a simple update, EOS has so much to rework but i guess its the joy of being in this community to deal with some of the quirkiness.

    I just tested GPS on EOS 4 build 90 and it worked for me so idk what's up on your end.

    The known sound bug has an awesome fix for it, if you just search for "KAT android toolbox" and download either 1.2.0 or 1.2.2. At times my tablet is actually louder than my wife's and shes running stock ICS.

    But in the end, I bet if you want JB for now and are willing to take the plunge again, you'll be happy with EOS 3 build 81, maybe with just stock kernel. the status/notification bar is at the bottom. It visibly notifies you when the touchpad is turned on or off. GPS worked when I tested it. HDMI works exactly how it should, and the list goes on. I used it since shortly after it was released and it was my daily rom for the duration.
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  17. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Just so you know, the K.A.T app (link below) will fix the sound issue even if you are not running the K.A.T kernel. My tablet is now quite loud as I set the sound profile to "KatAudio Max" which boosts the audio to the headphones and speakers.


    I can understand why someone would prefer the tablet layout to the phone or phablet one. The one thing I miss is that I could always see the notification icons on my screen when playing a game, watching netflix, etc. Now in 4.2, the top navbar is completely hidden in those same apps but the bottom bar is not. 4.1 and earlier made better use of the screen real estate and I think that it was changed simply to make tablets less confusing to the average consumer...but that makes me think the average consumer is a moron. Who couldn't figure out that the top notification pulldown was replaced with the bottom notification bar? I don't think that was too confusing but I'm fine with the layout either way. I could see if you had the keyboard dock...having it more closely resemble a computer with the time in the bottom right corner would make sense.
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  18. db2

    db2 Android Enthusiast

    I wanted to be thorough. :) No need to apologize either, I haven't gone rom hopping in some time and it was fun.

    Gotta stick with ICS for now but I'm going to keep a closer eye on EOS. They've definitely got some skill.
  19. Ralkkai

    Ralkkai Android Enthusiast

    My main concern with the Phablet layout is that the buttons are in the middle of the bottom bar. hard to reach in general but hard with the docking station. But they give you the option of picking with layout you want and that's cool. To each his own, ya know?

    I'd say if you are comfortable with ICS then yeah stick to it. It's still gonna take a few more revisions before EOS 4 is ready to go but it will get there. There aren't really that many changes from ICS to JB that affect the daily use anyway.
  20. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    I hope that Paranoid Android development continues for the TF101 for db2's sake. That ROM gives you the option of the newer and older layouts. I was using the unofficial PA until I left it for 4.2. PA hasn't been updated since November 15 so who knows what's going to happen with it in the future.


    I didn't play much with modifying the apps except for Chrome. I like the phone layout of chrome much better than the tablet version and PA allows for you to change that. It wasn't perfect but i enjoyed it.
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