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Stock App(s) missing after Gingerbread update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Peter Plankton, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Peter Plankton

    Thread Starter

    Hello everyone,
    This tuesday I updated my Galaxy S(GT i9000) firmware from 2.2(froyo) to 2.3.3 ( through "Kies"). What I noticed after the update was that I had an app for "Downloads" and a few apps missing. They were "Daily Briefing","mini diary" and "Google News and Weather". I dont care about the latter two but "Daily Briefing" to me is just indispensable. Is there any way I can get Daily Briefing widget/app back?


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  2. Stuzz

    Stuzz Lurker

    Thanks for this forum.

    I too miss the Daily Briefing & would like to see it back
  3. Aviator61

    Aviator61 Lurker

    I too upgraded my Galaxy S(GT i9000) firmware from 2.2(froyo) to 2.3.3 ( through "Kies") and now find the 'Pinch to Zoom' feature of the built in SMS app missing. Can anyone help?
  4. brabie

    brabie Lurker

    try to update to the arabic version JPJV6 u'll fine the daily briefing app with widgets and aljazeera widget for breakin news and more .
  5. tayyab007

    tayyab007 Lurker

    *#272*imei# select xsg then install.

  6. hamed_123

    hamed_123 Lurker

    can u explain more how I should add daily brifing ... I have darky 10.1

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