Help Stock calendar blank after Kies backup and restore


For over a month I have not been able to receive texts from people on my contact list except for two people. Everyone could receive my texts, but I could not receive theirs. Talked with AT&T chat daily since August 20th. The last of their "fixes" told me to backup using Kies 3. Then AT&T had me do factory reset. After restoring everything, I lost all device settings, home pages, calendar data, and about 80% of my contacts. The phone also wants me to set up everything again. Pictures and emails were saved at least. AT&T and Samsung said there was nothing I could do to get the settings and data back. Tonight I figured out how to get the missing contacts back. (import from SD card) but none of them were in the groups I had saved. So now I am trying to figure out how to get my calendar data back. So questions....1. Any idea how to restore the data? 2. Could it be on the SD card also? 3. Is there a better calendar to use or a way to synch with my computer calendar so I would have the data in two places in case this happens again? 4. I asked AT&T a month ago if the texting problem was SIM card related and they said no.... many times. Then yesterday they said it was the sim card! Has anyone had this problem with not getting texts? Thanks for any suggestions.


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New info. Spent an hour on ATT chat. Still can't get texts from 77 out of 80 people. I could receive texts from ATT, verify codes from my bank and Facebook. Now..tonight can't receive texts from Facebook anymore. It makes no sense that some texts are received sometimes but not always.... or that some contact's texts get through then the next day they don't.... this is of the 3 contacts out of 80 that get through. Looked at spam numbers. No numbers there.

ATT says it is Samsung issue. Samsung says it is ATT issue.

Missing calendar data
I looked on application manager > ALL tab. Found calendar. 3 of them.

Calendar shows 1.34mb of data.

Calendar storage shows 2.39 Mb of data.

Calendar widget shows 20 kb. I know it is not this one.

Is it possible calendar storage has my missing data? Can I get it back?