Help Stock Camera Issue


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Taking pictures outdoors with the stock camera, it turns into a blank grey box instead of the actual picture. I haven't taken any with mine and I've had it since the end of August. Indoor pictures turns out okay. I've only used it inside until now.

I saw someone with this issue in another thread.

Has anyone else noticed this bug? I hope it has been reported to Samsung. Unless it is an Android issue.

I've installed Camera ICS app and the pictures come out normal. So this has been verified.


I don't think it's a bug. I found the same thing when I got my tab 2.

Try turning the light setting (the little square that has a +and-2.0 setting) on the left side of the camera when you turn the camera on.

Good luck.


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jpaskell, you are correct, I just tested it and it does show a picture. I had to turn the light setting to -2.

I'm not too keen with cameras, but thinking about buying a nicer point n shoot camera for the new year and get into photography more.