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Stock Captivate owners...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mercdizzle, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. mercdizzle

    mercdizzle Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Why haven't you flashed a ROM yet? Seriously, it's a great device, and you're really missing out!

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  2. Rlad78

    Rlad78 Newbie

    Honestly, because I'm lazy. Flashing a rom, first off, takes a good amount of time to gather up the correct resources, figuring out which rom to pick, learning how to actually do it, doing the actual flashing, keeping up with updates, learning how to fix errors, dealing with unsuspected bugs, etc. Trust me, I rooted my LG Vu and hated myself for doing so.

    With an official upgrade, it's a quick, easy process. It has to be or the regular consumer wouldn't know how to do it.
  3. bolts2

    bolts2 Newbie

    Although I paid for the phone, my employer pays the monthly and I used their corporate discount to get it. I can't afford to screw it up or spend a bunch of time fixing it if I do screw it up. I'm not really worried that will happen though, so I will set a date where I will no longer wait for Froyo, then I'll do the ROM thing. I got the phone around November 1st, so I'll wait another month or two.
  4. oFUNGUSo

    oFUNGUSo Member

    i agree it took a lot of time to figure everythingout before i started. but once i decided on the serendipity rom, and got the appropriate directions i was suprised at how fast and easy it was, and futhermore how easy the updates have been. maybe ive been lucky but i have had any bugs to fix
  5. amheck

    amheck Newbie

    I love the newest and greatest, but with the custom ROM's, I just haven't had the energy to learn how to do it. I may be a little gun shy in the fact that I bricked my phone within 30 minutes of having it. I tried "check for upgrade" on the phone, which failed, and I was without a phone for 12 days while it went back to Samsung.

    On a side note, I'm wondering if Froyo is ever coming our way with this phone. The new handsets seems to be coming up at an amazing rate. I think our handset might be left in the dust.
  6. GreatBigDave

    GreatBigDave Member

    I've been reticent to flash a rom because my phone is still under warranty. I'd rather not take the chance of bricking it/invalidating the warranty.
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  7. I'll flash if Samsung announces Froyo won't be coming to the U.S. Captivate. Until then, the warranty and some patience is more important to me.
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  8. Ogami Itto

    Ogami Itto Newbie

    Because it does everything I expect a phone to do, so why fix it when it's not broken?
  9. The Shape

    The Shape Well-Known Member

    I'm still stock but in the next few weeks I will being flashing a ROM.
  10. mercdizzle

    mercdizzle Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    touchwiz makes the phone broken
  11. mercdizzle

    mercdizzle Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    seriously, it's not that hard.
  12. lfaulkner29

    lfaulkner29 Newbie

    With every passing day that Samsung/At&t hasn't issued the Froyo undate i am getting closer and closer to doing the deed!!! However I am still nervous/worried about possible bricking the phone and or constantly have to flash new updates. From what I have ready it seems like a never ending process. I did go and do the JH7 update which has made my phone worse so now im really starting to consider the ROM thing.

    I will admit that I am a "noob" and i have a couple questions... (sorry if they are repeated forum questions)

    What does ROM actually stand for? I'm used to with computers you have RAM where you actually replace an actual component. Obviously that is not the case with ROM, but i still don't grasp what exactly ROM is and what is does.

    If I flash, will i ever be able to go back to "stock" if there is ever an official froyo release? Will i really even want to go to the "official" froyo if already flashed???
  13. nyydynasty

    nyydynasty Android Expert

    for those who are gun-shy about flashing a custom rom, dont be. If you are willing to give it a try, it takes me roughly 20 -30 minutes (no exaggeration) from the moment I start backing up my apps to the moment I finish restoring them on the new rom. Its really not hard, especially once you do it the first time.

    doing homework IS required though.

    1) ROM is software so as you expected, you dont need to replace anything. You simply download the ROM you want to use (ie. Phoenix, Cognition, Paragon, etc...) and flash it. Thats it.

    2) You can go back to stock although the risk of rooting the phone (and flashing a ROM) *MAY* cause issues upgrading to the official froyo since system changes are made during the flash process. Although to be honest, once you have successfully flashed one of the custom-made ROMs, you wont want to go to the official froyo. Thats the 110% troof!

    3) you dont *NEED* to keep up with the ROM updates that the developer(s) release. If the version you are running is fine, leave it. If you want to upgrade for any reason, you are welcome to as well. But just know that you are not forced to upgrade...although its generally a good idea.
  14. pkoutoul

    pkoutoul Member

  15. LMaxwell

    LMaxwell Member

    I have yet to see a compelling reason to void my warranty or introduce new bugs. For now my Captivate does what it's supposed to do without much trouble. Email works, the phone works, even GPS works. Battery life is even good, more often than not I get more than 24 hours out of it.

    Would I like to have the latest and greatest? Sure I would, as would most people on this forum. Am I willing to possibly break something that works to get it? No I'm not. I have no idea who the folks are that put the ROMs together, and I'm not sure I trust them. How do I know they're not adding their own little "surprises" to their ROMs? I'm not trying to accuse anyone of doing anything malicious, but you never know these days.
  16. nyydynasty

    nyydynasty Android Expert

    no one is forcing anyone to put custom rom's on their phone. Its purely a personal preference. For those who dont want to flash, like yourself, then so be it. Nothing wrong with that.

    the developers, I can assure you, are not malicious. They are simply making a rom that works on their phone and releasing it to everyone else who may want to try it. They are doing us a favor, imo.
  17. LMaxwell

    LMaxwell Member

    I never said anyone is trying to force me to do it, I was responding to the original question of why haven't I flashed a ROM yet.

    And like I said, I'm not accusing the developers of being malicious, just throwing the possibility out there.
  18. How can you possibly make such a broad statement like that? There are already several reports of malware getting on phones in apps from outside the official Android marketplace, so why wouldn't custom roms be targeted as well?

    Not trying to spread F.U.D. or anything, but let's not suggest to people that there is zero risk involved.
  19. El Niche

    El Niche Member

    I haven't flash because I really don't want to deal with -"this is not working", -"you need to reflash", -"you need a JIG". I'd like to have Froyo, but I dont want it to be a pain if its working fine right now. My GPS works and its not laggy as of now. If I had more free time I might mess around with it. Like someone said, I'll attempt to flash if ATT confirms Froyo isnt coming. I wonder if the toolbox in XDA makes it easy as just clicking the buttons in every step and then be done with it.
  20. pkoutoul

    pkoutoul Member

  21. nyydynasty

    nyydynasty Android Expert

    there's always risk when flashing a rom. but nothing is unrecoverable. which is why i dont blame people for wanting to keep their phone's untouched.
  22. Buddha64

    Buddha64 Android Enthusiast

    Because I don't follow the sheep...
  23. Bane99

    Bane99 Newbie

    Sorry thought i was posting a new thread.

    Well to contribute, there are many benefits to flashing a new ROM... and you can always unroot and flash back to stock ;)
  24. fldude99

    fldude99 Android Expert

    After browsing this thread, it would be interesting to know what % of Captivate owners have flashed a custom ROM. Not just on these and other forums, but the general owner out there that NEVER bumps around on a forum. My guess is 15% or so have flashed that are on forums and maybe 1% of all owners. Maybe someone can post a new thread with a poll on it..I don't even know how to do that, let alone flash a custom ROM
  25. coscom

    coscom Newbie

    Believe it or not, when I long ago flashed my first ROM on my Captivate (with the original leaked 2.2) it was specifically because the horrible official OTA patch changed my phone from working fine (other than the GPS) into a completely worthless piece of garbage that errored and crashed multiple times a day.

    At that point I was out of my initial month of being able to return it so I figured that flashing the 2.2 couldn't possibly be worse than what the official patch had done to it and you know what? It was sooo much better than stock that I stayed with it until I finally got lured into trying Paragon RC4 which again was a great upgrade to what I had been using.

    Anyways I just thought that I'd offer my experiences, have a nice night.

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