Stock Internet/Multi-Touch Questions


I just set up an S4 mini for a corporate user, and I'm having two problems.

1) There is no stock internet browser, only Chrome. Verizon told me that's all that's available on the Mini unless I can do an app download. I don't want to set up Gmail on the phone (to discourage downloads on a corporate phone)--is there some other way to get the stock internet browser? Can I get it through the Play Store if I give in and set up Gmail?

2) Neither double-tap or multi-touch works on about 5 sites I tried.

Both these features (stock browser and multi-touch) are mentioned in various online articles about the phone. Is it supposed to have them or not?


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You can get anything from the Play store if you set up a google account. Or you can back the browser up on another phone (using an app like App Backup & Restore. It produces an apk file of the app. Put that file on your "Corporate" phone and run the apk file. It'll install the browser.

My default browser (Note 3, but probably the same browser) supports multi-touch. What were you expecting it to do?


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I looked at Play Store and don't see a stock Android browser, only third-party browsers like Dolphin. I'm talking about the standard Android browser that's on every Android phone out there--with the blue globe icon. But good idea to try to copy over the APK; I'll do that if I can find it for a stock app.

On multi-touch, I'm just trying to DO multi-touch. IOW, when I open the Chrome browser, spreading my fingers on the screen or double-tapping does nothing, as if the phone is not capable of it. I tried CNN, NBC, LA Times, and Google pages with the same results.