May 10, 2011
I have been having issues with my stock keyboard (the one that came with the NS4G) and I was wondering if you're having them too.

The keyboard would lag, wouldn't let me type, or would let me type (I see pop up letters) but nothing is showing in the text box, or would not appear when I am ready to type or the keyboard would stay stuck on the home screen. The only way I can get the keyboard to start working normally is to power off the device and then turn it back on.

Here's a youtube video of what I'm experiencing (not my video)

YouTube - Samsung Google Nexus S Keyboard Freeze / Lag

I took my device back to Sprint and got a replacement and I was hoping the issue wouldn't happen again. Unfortunately, it did on the new device :(.

Any suggestions on how to prevent this happening? It's making me so frustrated!!
I've experienced a different keyboard issue. Sometimes when I'm trying to post a comment on the mobile facebook site I'll click to enter text and the keyboard will flash but disappear. Sometimes I have to try multiple times. (Only does this in portrait not landscape)
I have had alot of issues with the keyboard as well.
1. The closer the key is to the bottom edge, the less sensitive it is.
2. Lag when typing.
3. Easy to type wrong letters(And this is after using the Hero with a smaller screen with no issues).
I don't remember having many issues with it, but I switched to Swype the other day. I prefer it much more than the stock keyboard. ^_^