Root stock recovery 4.2.2


I ran the ota 4.2.2., fast booted TWRP2.img. hangs on the splash screen. I need the stock cricket k2_plc_cl 4.2.2 recovery.img. help please


I don't have it. But, for future reference...

fastboot boot customrecovery.img

That command above will boot the custom recovery without overwriting the stock recovery so when you make a backup your stock recovery is still preserved.

After that, then flash it.

Anyways, sorry I can't provide that recovery for you but wanted to share the info.


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the update came with a new Hboot... that's why TWRP recovery didn't boot.

if your s-off downgrade your hboot to use twrp again....until someone build another one for cricket 4.2.2
could you please expand on how how to extract the recovery.img file? i have the OTA zip for my OS and within the firmware folder i cannot find recovery.img, just a whole lot of .ihex and .hex files. am i supposed to use a certain program to find these files? :S bit new to this, trying to find the stock recovery so i can apply the new OTA update. thanks