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stock recovery image for the jelly bean ruu update 1.17.401.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by XmutantX, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. XmutantX

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    A Happy new year 2013 to all my moderrators and developers and memebrs of phandroid.

    i want to start this topic by discussing if there is a stock recovery for jelly bean ruu RUU_ENRC2B_U_JB_45_HTC_Europe_1.17.401.1_Radio_3.1 204.168.32_release_299688_signed.exe.

    The reason why is because after i releocked my phone and flashed Ruu in windows. i was given back stock rom with stock recovery. but like i said before i didnt follow scotty85s advise of doing a temp recovery as as a result cause i didnt see the option while unlocking the bootloader. so now what i did was . installed TWRP international Recovery and perm rooted the phone again.

    Now what chance is there i can continue with stock ota updates in future or
    Do you My fellow members know where the link to get stock reovery image for 1.17.401.1 update for the htc one x+. fyi my carrier is wataniya , kuwait


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