Root Stock rom. Options


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I'm running Android 5.0.1 I9505XXUHOJ2, stock rom, not rooted and Knox in tact. I know I can root this rom using CF Auto root, and that it will trip knox, not too worried about that. But what next. I'm fed up of all of the bloat-ware that I never use, app optimisation alerts, signing with a Galaxy account I don't have every time I reboot. I'm after something fast, slick and reliable.

Am I better off installing a custom rom? If so any recommendations for me to look at? I know it's a personal choice but I'd be happy to narrow the list down a bit. Would like to stay on Lollipop rom rather than going back to Kitkat. Or should I just root and uninstall the system stuff I don't want?

As for flashing, what is the best way? Can I install a custom recovery (eg CWM) or is it best to flash from Kies?