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Stock ROM

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by theperfectpunk, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. theperfectpunk

    theperfectpunk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i have uploaded the stock ROM on my skydrive

    But Still I see some of the Micromax A70 users struggling to get it installed on their respective phones.

    All Your Stock ROM Related Queries Will Be Answered Here :

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  2. akshaybz

    akshaybz Android Enthusiast

    You should put a link to ur skydrive.
    Keep up the good work!
  3. ashwa

    ashwa Member

    thanks fr the rom
    u seem to be aknow how guy
    how bout a cynogen mod fr a 70

  4. Hi Bro thanks for the links!!!

    I have installed the ASeventy ROM from now I'm not able to get my wifi working, so want to flash back the Stock ROM but don't know the process.
    Please help me out as I don't have backup and wifi is very important for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Have used my common sense and figured out the way to flash with Stock ROM.
    Step 1:- Install ROM manager from market.
    Step 2:- Copy the extracted folder ( 2011-08- ) from Stock ROM.7z to clockworkmod/backup directory.
    Step 3:- Open ROM manager and select manage and restore ROM option and select the "2011-08-" folder.

    this will install the Stock ROM.

    PS:-\ You need to have SuperUser access (ROOT Access). If you don't know how. Simply install z4root.apk from xda-developer.com :)

    Thanks "theperfectpunk" for sharing your Stock ROM backup and thanks the developers of ROM manager and z4root.

    Android ROCKS!!
  5. akshaybz

    akshaybz Android Enthusiast

    The wi-fi on that ROM doesn't work as of now...

    So better switch back unless it's fixed ;)
  6. insane_subro

    insane_subro Well-Known Member

    The compass also doent work!! Can any one provide a stock rom !!
  7. rajapandian

    rajapandian Newbie

    u Mean original rom...come from MicroMax A70 rom?
  8. insane_subro

    insane_subro Well-Known Member

    No the ROm uploaded here!
  9. prakashp

    prakashp Newbie

    I think A70 doesn't have magnetometer. Does compass works without it?
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  10. insane_subro

    insane_subro Well-Known Member

    Shit I didnt know that !! can any one confirm !!
  11. prakashp

    prakashp Newbie

    It's confirm. Run Quadrant and go to System Information. It shows only two sensors there, Proximity and Accelerometer.
  12. shaanbhaya

    shaanbhaya Lurker

    HAY GOOD NEWS...I THINK A70 IS REBRANDED Geeksphone Zero...and it has cyanogen support...
  13. madernads

    madernads Lurker


    everybody was excited when he took out their beloved A70 out of the box and found a bunch of 3rd party crap / bloatware apps instead of google apps like - gmail, maps, talk, etc.. etc...

    Now we need to download all these essentials from market and you know google maps which came already installed in my sister's A60, took almost 10mb of my internal memory (damn 190mb:mad:)

    I googled a lot but can't find any "official" FROYO 2.2 rom for my device like it is on my sisters A60

    blown up the mind !
  14. Sentacy

    Sentacy Well-Known Member

    Just check the LEANDROS ROM in all things root.Which is far better than the stock ROM.
    No worry about internal memory. Download ROM MANAGER from market, partition your SD card to EXT2 partition of 512MB and swap 32MB, install Link2sd which installs all your programs to mounted EXT2 partition.
    plz don't move system apps to SD card.


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  15. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Well what is the need for swap? if a70 kernel does not support it?
  16. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Android Expert

    Yes,no need for swap partition.A70 kernel does not support it.We have to wait for custom kernel to use swap after src is released.
  17. madan6606

    madan6606 Newbie

    Hey guys i need to port a custom rom on to my a70....but b4 tat i need to take a backup of my stock rom.....can i know how this can be done...i hav installed rom manager and flashed CWM....
    I tried doing it on my own by selecting the option backup stock rom in the rom manager application....but the phone reboots and an android symbol with an exclamatory mark on it appears and further nothing happens......
    Plz tell me the exact procedure to backup and install a custom rom.

    Thanks in advance
  18. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Android Enthusiast

    Have u installed clockwork recovery? If yes reinstall it. It is the problem ....then simply backup ur rom...

    U can Install recovery thru rom manager

    You can hit thanka if I helped :)
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  19. madan6606

    madan6606 Newbie

    okay...but the problem is i'm having a slow internet connection on my a70 and with great difficulty i flashed the cwm...so is it possible to re-install(flash) the cwm manually from my computer?

    I need 1 more clarification as to whether i'l be having all my apps as usual on my phone after installing a custom rom?

  20. theperfectpunk

    theperfectpunk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    You can either use fastboot or the flash_image command depicted in this tutorial to flash this file :)

    Feel free to ask any other queries
  21. Androidshek

    Androidshek Member

    will the file in skydrive "update.zip", solve the problem of deleted framework-res.apk.....because in the recovery there r four optins:

    1.reboot system now
    2.apply sdcard:update.zip
    3.wipe data/factory reset
    4.wipe cache partition

    help theperfectpunk
  22. theperfectpunk

    theperfectpunk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    No don't use the update.zip, that's something else.

    First you need to flash Clockworkmod recovery using ROM Manager or one of the Links Below

    1.> Using fastboot depicted here by akshaybz
    2.> By using the Android Terminal here as depicted by me
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  23. Androidshek

    Androidshek Member

    So, i should place the recovery in the sdcard with name "update.zip"....and then reboot into recovery and select 2.apply sdcard:update.zip.....

    this will take me to recovery....and then???

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