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Stock Samsung Music Player issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jayhawks971, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. jayhawks971

    jayhawks971 Newbie
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    Hi, I've had my galaxy note 2 for a few days now. I just switched over from an iPhone and I love the Note 2 minus one minor issue. In the stock music player, if you are under artist and click one, it will list all of their songs at once, and they will be sorted under their appropriate albums. I feel that the iPod has better functionality because when you click on an artist it will say All Songs followed by a list of their albums. You can either choose an album or choose All Songs, and if you choose All Songs and it will list all of the songs alphabetically. I know that this isn't a major issue but there isn't a setting to change this. I've only used the stock music player and doubletwist, but I feel that the stock player is closer to an iPod and thats what I'm shooting for. So, basically, I'm wondering if there is a tweak or something for the stock music player where you can have it function the way I said the iPod does. Thanks for any help.

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