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Stocks App on HTC Desire - how to disable??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cazziecaz, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. cazziecaz

    cazziecaz Guest
    Thread Starter


    New to android and this forum and wondered if you could help!

    I've recently got a HTC Desire on Orange (which I love) and it has the Stocks app pre-loaded.
    I know I cant remove this app but I can't seem to stop it updating itself every hour even though I will never use it.

    I've been to: Accounts & Sync > Stocks > Account Settings ... and the 'Update Schedule' says 'Every Hour' underneath. However this option is greyed out so I cant reduce this or even stop it syncing at all.

    I've also been to the 'Manage Application' settings and all I can do there is select 'Force Close'.

    I think its annoying enough having an app put on my phone that I cant delete but to have it updating every hour and wasting my precious battery is even more frustrating.

    I just wondered if anyone knew a way round this(or if I am missing something)?
    Also, is this problem just an Orange thing as I know they meddle with the Desire more then most or do all Desire users have this problem??


  2. Yenzehn

    Yenzehn Android Enthusiast

    If it is greyed out, it usually just means that sync is disabled for the app, so updates are already disabled.

    Try opening the stock application, menu, settings - there should be an option to enable/disable sync, if this is off, the update frequency is greyed out and the app is not set to automatically fetch data.
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  3. cazziecaz

    cazziecaz Guest
    Thread Starter

    Ah! I see. Looks like its disabled anyway then.

  4. Ill_Nino

    Ill_Nino Lurker

    Yes, i also nticed it!
    I dont like it i want to turn it off, anyone any ideas??
  5. Technoidse

    Technoidse Lurker

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