Mar 7, 2011
Top notification bar.

Does this on any android phone I think & certainly Samsungs phones I have have SGS4 up to SGS7e.

If out of signal from my own provider i.e no connection/signal I WISH the bars did not show a signal.
It seems if it gets a signal from OTHER providers it shows their strength. I would prefer it does not show anything or a red circle with line etc

Due to the rubbish UK network I spend quite a lot of time out of range of my provider but at a glance I see the bars & think perhaps I have a signal.
I know you get the network name top left if it has connected but as a I say at a glance it is easy to be misled.

I understand in an emergency it is good to know there is a signal but prefer that when you start dialing 999 or something it show that it is going to connect to an alternative network and that fact that that is perhaps/hopefully never or once or twice in a lifetime it would be far more useful the other way round.

Does this on Vodafone & EE & Three so not network dependant.