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Stop the insanity!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TeamPEZ, May 30, 2010.

  1. TeamPEZ

    TeamPEZ Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    As I've been reading through the posts, I am coming across a lot of negativity about this phone (the battery sucks, it can't do this, it can't do that, so-and-so is stupid because they said blah blah blah ...etc." People - just be happy with what you have, dagnabit!

    We all know what we are getting ourselves into. I'm sure we've all researched it a million times. Let the naysayers be negative as they will always find something bad with the good. I imagine them saying, "Damn that Dr. Jonas Salk for basically eradicating polio ... now whose gonna buy my walkers and wheelchairs?"

    I don't, won't and will not read any negativity about this most awesome phone. If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. But please don't be a negative Nelly.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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  2. Rob_A

    Rob_A Android Expert

    yes, be a positive Polly
  3. Bat~man

    Bat~man Well-Known Member

    So you're making a thread complaining about all the complaining? Hmm

    I think people have the right to discuss concerns about an investment, which to me at least, is gonna cost 400-500$ plus whatever cases/chargers/batteries/screen protectors you buy for it.
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  4. infamousjax

    infamousjax Well-Known Member

    *negative Nancy
  5. DougFunny

    DougFunny Member

    Well i agree theres a lot of complaints but it's good so that we all know the pros and cons of the phone we will be recieving.
  6. jobryan26

    jobryan26 Newbie

    I was remembering the other day back years ago my brother and I were overclocking an AMD k6-2 500mhz processor. We were continously fighting the overheating issue trying to push it beyond th 650mhz point. And now to imagine cellphones with a 1GHZ processor in it that will fit in your pocket! Technology is awesome, just sometimes it takes awhile to get us where we want to be. I wish I had an EVO in my pocket to complain about. LOL Gotta wait till the 4th, so you guys enjoy!
  7. Its the #2 Android smart phone available.
  8. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    Yes I have heard enough from the nitpickey petes:D
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  9. joeco

    joeco Lurker

    poop on the those "Debbie Downers"
  10. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    I am tired of all you Pessimistic pansy's:D
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  11. apollooff320

    apollooff320 Well-Known Member

    well a lot of ppl that make these silly threads just registered this month so you have to question their motives. A lot of Apple fanboys don't want their Iphones not being the best.
  12. taylor7667

    taylor7667 Newbie

    LOL...Yes dagnabit!!! Find a happy place!

  13. RagingSamster

    RagingSamster Well-Known Member

    The former VP Spiro Agnew referred to them as "Nattering Nabobs of Negativism"
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  14. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Android Expert

    MY! EVO WILL BE PERFECT!!!!! FOR ME!!!!!!! lol
  15. Yoketah

    Yoketah Newbie

    Is the Nexus the #1?

    Anyways, I think that there has to be some grip about the phone to a certain extent. Otherwise all you'll get are the pros, and won't be able to weigh the cons. Though the battery life one is rediculous, as all smart phones have the same battery life. If your so worried about it, don't get a smart phone, or try charging it mid-day somewhere. It only takes like 1 1/2 hours for a full charge.

    But really, no phone is perfect. So as much as I would like to hear all the possitive feedback on the phone, its nice to get to learn what those imperfections are, because that could be a deal breaker for some.
  16. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Android Expert

    Check it out for yourself: Side by Side:

    Verizon Droid Incredible vs. Sprint Evo 4G vs. Google Nexus One -- Spec fight! | Android Central

  17. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Android Expert

  18. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    The evo has something the incredible can't have, ever. 4g.

    Tapatalk. Samsung Moment. Yep.
  19. emoevo

    emoevo Newbie

    'Perfect Patty' :)

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