Stopping Automatic Downloads


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I have most apps set to update automatically as it's very convenient. I shall soon be going to parts of Europe that are outside the EU and where data download is horrendously expensive.

I shall mainly use wi-fi when it's available but I may occasionally need to access the web for a short time. My worry is that if I turn on data transmission it will start updating apps and cost me a small fortune in download charges.

Is there any way of doing a batch alteration, where I can switch off auto updating for all my apps, or must I go through them one by one?

If I have to do them individually how is this possible? I can find no way of turning off auto updates in an application and looking at my apps in Google Play appears to offer no such choice.


Galaxy S2 4.0.4


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I've answered my own question. I assumed that Google Play, accessed on my PC would give me some control over this, but found nothing.

I have since accessed Google Play on my phone and found an option to only update when using wi-fi, which should solve my problem!