Storage...contacts, fb, and fb for htc sense?


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Hey guys,

just wondering if I could get help on an issue. Basically my contacts storage takes up 18MB, my facebook for android app takes up 5.6MB and facebook for htc sense (that came with the phone) takes up 3.6MB off all which are internal storage.

I suspect that most of the stuff on there is being read multiple times and is just redundant information. How do I get rid of the space wasting stuff and claim back my memory? thanks a lot


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Facebook for htc sense is pre installed, meaning its in /system/app rather than /data/app (internal memory) so the only thing of it that is taking up space is its specific data and cache. If you dont use the app, Settings>applications>manage applications open facebook for htc sense and clear cache.

You can do this with many apps. If you do it with contacts storage though, your contacts will be gone.