Root STORAGE...? (external micro SD Card)


Member I just bought (1.23 gb) G.T.A. 3 & (2.06 gb) N.F.S. MOST WANTED, and these are very large games so apparently my "storage space is running out" according to the evil little notification that won't let me forget it's there. I've tried that option in the app info section to "move to sd card" but if it moved it anywhere it didn't move it to my external sd card because that annoying notification is still there reminding me this phone can't store more than two games of this size @ a time. Any suggestions? :thinking:


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Link2SD is awesome. It relocates different data than FolderMount, so you may want to use both tools together. Use Link2SD to link your apps and use FolderMount to move your largest data/obb folders.