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I use ES as my default file explorer, and I find it useful that I can put storage folder shortcuts on my home screen. However, I would like to be able to create a custom folder icon for my home screen. I know within ES, you can link folders to specific apps and put a small version of that apps' icon on top of the folder, which does transfer over when creating a shortcut. But the folder in question is technically linked to more than one app. Is there a way for me to create a custom logo to attach to the folder?
If I followed the question ... you want to have a folder on your Android home screen with a custom icon.

This is done with the launcher. I use Nova Launcher Prime and can create a group on any page of the home screen and assign an icon to it that is displayed.

... Thom


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I too use Nova Prime, but I'm not sure what you mean or how to do it. If it makes any difference, I created a home screen folder with several apps in it, and the ES storage folder is within that folder.
Foe any icon on the home screen(s) in Nova Launcher Prime ...

Long press on the icon
Select Edit
Click on the icon in the provided dialog
Select the icon you want
Select done

Is this what you are asking about? If not, please clarify.

... Thom