Help Storage full on Note 2, unable to reduce


Hi Guys,
I'm at my wits end, I've had my Note 2 for about 3 years now, there's nothing wrong with it and I want to continue using it, however I'm now suffering from full storage.

It's a Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100, currently running 4.4.2.
I have rooted the device, using the instructions here:

Device capacity is 16Gb, currently made up as follows:
- System Memory = 5.46Gb
- Used space = 1.26Gb
- Cached data = 2.38Mb
- Miscellaneous files = 8.79Gb
- Available space = 500Mb
(I'm not currently showing the storage full icon, but it'll pop up later I'm sure. :-/)

Of the misc. files I can delete 168Kb, so there's obviously a lot of old files or junk on there that I can't access.

I've moved as many apps to the SD card as I can and wouldn't say that I have a lot of apps downloaded and installed on the device.

Basically my question is: How do I get at the files that are not required by the device and remove them, safely?

Happy to provide more info if needed.


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I'm probably going to sound very dense here, but how did you wipe your internal storage? I back up my data regularly so this wouldn't be a problem.


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Well, I always use a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM so the option is there.

Your phone is rooted so I recommend installing a custom recovery.

I honestly don't know if the option is in the stock recovery but you can always check. Again, be sure EVERYTHING is backed up that you need. You may erase something you need if you are not careful.

Good luck!


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After a few attempts, I cleared everything back down to stock and then was able to install a custom ROM.
Thank you for your help, my phone is as good as (almost) new.