Storage & Insurance Cards

Since I have two vehicles I download my insurance cards from USAA onto my phone. Had to take my Tundra and Accord in for their yearly inspections. Went to the Toyota and Honda dealerships. Showed those guys the digital copy of my insurance cards on my EVO 4G and they didn't have a problem accepting the digital copies. No need to print that crap out anymore. I think the cops would accept digital copies as well. Innovation!:eek:
Just got my EVO 4G and have been reading up on some of the super cool stuff that I can do with it. This idea is one that I like but I fear handing my phone to a cop to take down the info. I have no problem with police but I don't trust anyone to hold my phone, especially possibly on a busy street! Now, I am going to keep digital copies of insurance and registration on my phone as a backup. I hate when I have to provide my license plate and have to run outside to go look at it!
I have been doing that for some time now. I had a punk@$$ HPD officer in Houston refuse to accept it at an accident scene. I had a paper expired one and the updated one one my blackberry and he refused to look at it. He wrote the ticket. It was dismissed, but what a punk.