Aug 6, 2017
Ok so I have been try to lower my stoage on my S7 edge but when I check under storage it doesnt add up to 32GB, its way off. Am I missing something or do I need to restore the device? Please see the pic attached



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Most phones nowadays combine storage from all the bloatware on your phone system apps then you have your normal storage and app storage.idk about this phone but most only have about 1 half to 2 3rds the actual space.odd its not showing more because that makes it look like you only ever had a few gigs available.wish you luck because your right.those numbers really don't add up
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Thanks for the reply. I know the phone needs to use some storage space for the operating system to run and all that bloatware that come with the phone but it seems to be using up most of my space. I just wanted to know if this looks normal or if there is an issue with it
Anything that says "powered by clean master" I distrust. But system storage menus are often problematic: in order to make things "user friendly" they hide or mislabel information.

In any event, that screenshot is only showing a small part of the storage. I don't know whether there is more stuff below it if you scroll down, but usually they have some category like "system & other", "other files" or "Misc files" as well. Of those descriptions (all of which are real, and mean the same thing on different manufacturers' phones) "system and other" is the best description: what they mean is "all space used by the system plus all other files that don't fit into this small number of classifications we've shown above".

If scrolling down doesn't show something like that then I'm afraid this CM-powered system tool is even worse than I'd expect something developed by Cheetah Mobile to be. If it is there but off the bottom of the screen, where many people won't guess to look, that's a pretty poor design anyway.
Yeah clean master seems to be built in to the operating sytem of the phone. Thats all the info it provides and it seems pretty useless as it should at least give more info in system files etc. I have never used any of these cleaners in the past because I believe the phone should run as its supposed to without any 3rd party applications. Im surprised this issue hasnt come up before be because I am not running anything different and have a very common phone
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