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Storage of apps

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Aubr3y, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Aubr3y

    Aubr3y Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm considering purchasing a tablet and trying to decide between the Acer Iconia A110 or the Nexus 7.

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to save apps on the micro SD card which you can insert into the A110 or do they only store on the integral 8GB memory.

    I like the A110 because of the options to give you HDMI out and micro SD storage but if you only have 8GB to store apps on then the Nexus 7 comes out on top.

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  2. annebrooks64

    annebrooks64 Android Enthusiast

    You can use HDMI on the nexus 7 too
  3. gmincca

    gmincca Lurker

    Hi, apps only store on internal SD card unless the app creator provides for moving to external SD example map factor navigator. Jellybean has no means of moving apps to extsd, very frustrating!
  4. dierna

    dierna Well-Known Member

    I used to use app2sd on my old phone, since it had so little storage without the sd card.
  5. CapeNick

    CapeNick Lurker

    The Nexus 7 does not do hdmi out, you can stream over wifi, using a free app, and a compatible media streamer on the tv's end, but it has no hdmi out, and mls devices will not work. You cannot move apps to the external sd card, unless you root it, which you may or may not have success with, as there are mixed results all over the internet. There is one app, free on the Play Store, "Root External 2 Internal SD", which, despite the name, does not require a rooted device. It won't move your apps to your sd card, but it will swap the internal SD for the External SD, so your Iconia a110 will think, for example, your 32GB external sd is the internal sd, and save all your apps to that. I have not tried this yet, so I have no experience regarding how well it works, but this is currently the only option, all other apps on the app store for moving files to your sd will require root privileges. You can however save app data to your external. I recently downloaded A Bards Tale, when it asks you if you would like to download the sd or hd textures, it also gives you the option to save to the external sd card (thank god, cause the hd textures are over 3GB). Hope this helps, I'm enjoying my a110 immensely, and am very happy to have purchased it over the nexus 7, but that's just me.

    hope this helped :)

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  6. candiandylan

    candiandylan Newbie

    I downloaded the app Mupen64Plus, and used my computer to put the roms on the sd card, and they work!

    You can view your SD card from the ''choose a game'' function in Mupen64Plus.

    It might not be that big of a discovery, but definitively a decent one.
  7. FK1

    FK1 Lurker

    As I currently cannot post threads I really need some advice.I received an Iconia A110 for christmas have only used it 3 times. Went to use it last night it wouldn't switch on at all. I know it still had a high battery level when I last used it. Plugged it's charger into it just in case it wont even charge either. My computer has never even detected it either when it's been connected. Am I correct in assuming I have a severely defective tablet. For some reason I have found most Acer products are not very good at all and this tablet at the moment is just adding to my poor opinion of Acer.
  8. kevin242

    kevin242 Lurker

    It sounds like you might have a detective unit, but there are a couple
    Things related to your problems that I have noticed with my a110. The first thing I realised is despite having a ton of microusb chargers around the only one my a110 will charge from is the adapter that camewith it. The second annoying problem is with windows and osx its necessary to install a driver or yyour PC/Mac won't recognize it. There is a free app for osx and the driver is readily available for windows. I can't provide direct links because I'm typing from iconia now.
  9. priell3

    priell3 Lurker

    I have several chargers that work with my A110. One is marked Kodak from an old digital camera. I have another from a Samsung cell phone that works, a generic AC powered charger from discount store in addition to the one supplied with the tablet.

    No drivers were needed for Windows to see the tablet either. XP or Win7.

    I can easily move files from my phone to the tablet via Bluetooth and from the tablet to any of my pcs over my home wi-fi.
  10. CojonesDeToro

    CojonesDeToro Lurker

    Some tablets require higher capacity chargers then the ones that will work with a phone.
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