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Dec 17, 2011
Okay, I think I may have gotten an answer for this before (in someone else's thread) but I can't find it now.

So, first RAM - is RAM expandable in any way?
To be honest, there are several budget tablets that have all the features I want but they have little RAM.
As far as I know, I need more RAM for even flow of movie playback isn't that correct?
My tablet will be for the primary purpose of watching movies from the microSD cards. Plus I will use internet.

Storage - Samsung told me that if I buy movies/music from their Media Hub and I want to free storage on my tablet then I can move the "files" but not the actual movies to the card and that will free up space.
I've also read many unanswered topics where people say their SD/microSD cards won't play their movies, so I'm worried about this.
My actual question: is there an app or something where I can buy movies and store them directly to an SD/microSD card without using a "cloud" or whatever?

Thanks so very much!! I really, really appreciate all the help!
RAM isn't expandable in anyway unfortunately. I saw in another post you mentioned you want something with 1GB of RAM? 512MB for what you want it for will be fine. Android handles RAM in a much more efficient way than Windows and if it needs more RAM, it will kill apps that it doesn't think it needs to get it.

I know you can watch some movies on youtube now (I think it's a pretty poor selection though). There are also movies on the Android market, and I believe Amazon has movie rentals?
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Yeah, I'm being rather picky about this. I don't want to use sites for watching movies, I want to own them and use them when I wish without commercial interference, etc.
Also, the Android Market does not offer all the movies I want. For example, the dummies offer Lord of the Rings part 2 and part 3 but not part 1 !!! This is unacceptable! So, I've been trying diligently to find out other ways of getting/owning all the movies I want with the least amount of hassle.

Presidente, you are acceptionably knowledgeable and have been the most help thus far as has this forum site. People on company specific sites such as BB, Samsung, and Toshiba have offered help but are more prone to letting me know what's legal. I'm not looking to break copyright laws, I'm looking for what will benefit ME.
For example, I'm finding out that Android has a copyright issue and that's why you can move files to an SD card but not the movies themselves. Which has me a little on the fuming side because I will have a Toshiba 7" my husband looks to have an Asus T-Prime plus we have laptops and netbooks and I don't think it's fair to have to buy the same movies over and over again for each device. PLUS, these tablets will be obsolete in 3 years as next generations take over. It is highly unimagineable that the market just expect us to keep buying movies again and again for disposeable devices! I'm sorry, but I refuse to accept that.

And thank you for the information on RAM.
For those movies that you want to keep indefinitely, I would buy the DVD and rip it to a file for your personal viewing. Keep in mind that a 2 hr feature film can be easily over a GB so you won't be able to save too many on a single card.

As for the MicroSD card, you'll want to make sure that it is at least a class 6 card. Anything slower will have problems streaming video.
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I guess that is how I will ultimately have to do it. Though, I was in a hurry toward doing away with DVDs and "disc" movies.

Ten years ago my aunt's boyfriend bought a minidisc player. It was thousands of dollars. They were tiny discs about an inch round. These were going to replace Compact Discs. I wonder what happened.

Meanwhile, I've also been waiting for about 15 years for mini/microchips to replace DVDs even though DVDs were just coming out. My mom used to be an electro-mechanical designer and had a heads-up on technology. I didn't believe that DVDs would last long on the market because micro versions are what I've been waiting for for almost half my life. I still feel like buying DVDs a waste. And I was told the BlueRay, which is replacing DVDs comes with a "digital" copy for use in tablet devices. So, I'm a little confused as to where technology is taking this. When "they" introduced us to SD cards and USB drives, I was excited, I said FINALLY, now they'll be putting movies on chip-type devices and getting rid of those stupid discs. Only now it's the BlueRay, which is still a disc, I think. And that means it'll be another decade before we move onto a different "data devices" (for lack of a better term).