Help Storage Space running out - error



Device: Galaxy Tab 2 7" with 16GB and recently updated with Jelly Bean 4.1.1.

Problem: - Gives error "Storage Space Running Out - Some system functions such as synchronization may not work correctly. Try to free space by deleting or unpinning items such as apps or media content"

Actually I have installed very limited applications and games, and if I check space by going through Settings -> Storage, it shows Total Space = 11.76GB
and utilization as Applications (454MB), Pictures & Videos (28MB), Audio (40KB) and miscellaneous files (114MB) - and shows Available Space as 0.0B.

The total utilization doesn't even add to 2GB but it gives this error and shows available space is 0B.

I also checked though a "Storage Analyzer" application, and in its summary line it shows 11.53GB free, but in the storage card selection menu it shows 0B free.

Can anyone help resolve this problem?


Queen G

Hi, I am having the same problem with my Nexus S v4.1.2
Camera won't allow to take pics. Says 'USB storage is running out of space'.
I removed all my pics and vids, and when I check storage summary it reads:
13.31 GB (apps 216mb, pics/vids 236mb, audio 1.23mb, avail 29.1mb) this doesn't make sense because it you add the usage up I clearly have more space available.
Any suggestions to resolve? I'd love to be able to take pics on my phone again!



Try an app called SD Maid. There is a "corpse" finder and several other small utilities that may find junk thats not being reported.

Oh, and the Android dude looks cool in a french maids costume!
I was having the same problem with my phone. I brought up backup assistant (verizon) on my desktop and looked through my phone's file system, and found that my podcast app had downloaded 8 gig of mp3 files into its own folder that wasn't showing up in the 'storage' display. When I deleted all those mp3 files, I magically got all my space back.

Just a suggestion