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Storage Space

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lyndzi23, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Lyndzi23

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    I have an LG Optimus S phone through Sprint. I am only able to download
    maybe two apps total. I've moved as many things to the card to free up space but it still only gives me enough room for two apps. Can I buy a larger card somewhere to hold a lot more apps?

  2. Mikestony

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  3. jefboyardee

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    I have the same phone, but it has almost a hundred apps installed. A few biggies, but most chosen for their smallness. In addition to moving everything possible to SD, I had to uninstall all the updates to Google stock apps, like Maps and Street View. And when Google Play Services installs itself, I promptly delete it – the only Google app that allows that.
  4. The_Chief

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    Hi Lyndzi and welcome to Android Forums!

    When you download apps, they go into SYSTEM memory. That's also where all your contacts and messages are stored. USER memory - the SD card - is for pics, vids, music and app data.

    You can move any app that doesn't have a widget on the homescreen to the SD card. You can do that in Settings --> Apps. That will free up some system memory... but I've found a big hog is the SMS/MMS message log.

    Rather than just delete everything, you can use an app called SMS Cleaner to delete old messages. You set how far back to delete (a week or so is fine: I mean, how far back in your messages do you really scroll?) or how often to do it. It will free up a LOT of system memory. Good luck and I hope this helps :)
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