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Storing and sending pics/videos.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JaRN99, Aug 15, 2010.

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    Ok....problem I think I might be having. I was taking pics and videos while on a recent trip. I have it set to save them to "card storage". For some reason they don't make it to the SD card. On the Albums screen it lists the following: Camera shots, All photos, All videos....then under the SD card setting it lists my flix and my pix. When I take a new pic or video it shows up under Camera shots and either All photos or All videos (depending if it's a pic or video). And when I try to send one of the videos I took with my Incredible in a txt message it says it's too large...even though it was only 24 seconds long. Now...any of the videos on my SD card from my old LG env touch will send...even videos 1 minute long. So...I'm thinking the root of my problem is the pics/videos I take with my Incredible are not getting onto my SD card even though I have it set to save onto it. Also I see a button to direct send a pic to Facebook but not a video. Because of this I was trying to send a video to Facebook in a video txt message like I used to with my old LG...that's when I discovered the SD card storage issue and unable to send newly taken pic/videos in a txt message. Anyone else having similiar problems?

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