straight forward answer please


okay so i i have the first version of the 2.1 leak im pretty sure. my question is will i get the 2.1 OTA or not. i dont mind waiting but i just wanted to know if i will ever get it OTA. i would much rather wait then put the v3 leak on. but if im never going to get OTA then i guess i will go ahead with v3. also im not worried about root so any help or suggestions are amazing. thank you


I don't think anyone on these forums knows the answer to your question. However, v3 is pretty good and I personally am very happy with it.


You could just wait another week and find out for sure. PCD will have the rom posted on their website eventually (I hope) or Verizon will post it on theirs.


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As of now it looks like no. But I can say leak 3 is as good as the official 2.1 on the incredible bug wise. Not perfect but very very good, mostly nuisance bugs not anything huge like the sign in thing your dealing with now.