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Straight talk ATT users

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Amaeloeze, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Amaeloeze

    Amaeloeze Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    How are you liking it with this phone? Are you satisfied or are you thinking about switching to something else?


  2. 0ptimusV

    0ptimusV Newbie

    I love my service with AT&ST. If I lived in an area with good T-Mobile service. I would pick up a straight talk T-Mobile Sim and have it cut.
  3. Amaeloeze

    Amaeloeze Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Where do you get it cut?
  4. jdk2

    jdk2 Well-Known Member

    Some TMO stores will cut it for you if you ask nicely :)
  5. alc2077

    alc2077 Lurker

    I use the N4 with ST/ att SIM, I have no complaints. Coverage is good in most places I use the phone, internet speeds avg 5MB up & 1MB down which is sufficient for me. Overall I am 99.9% satisfied & will not be switching devices except of course a new Nexus phone is released. Lol
  6. HyperM3

    HyperM3 Android Enthusiast

    I enjoyed my service with ATT on St but I could never get my MMS to send/receive properly. Switched to T-Mo on ST last week and the speeds are ridiculously faster than on the ATT Sim. However, Im still having MMS issues. It must be a ST thing.
  7. thebryceee

    thebryceee Android Expert

    Could be your APN settings
  8. HyperM3

    HyperM3 Android Enthusiast

    Dude, I cant even begin to tell you how many threads I went through and how many APN's I tried. This is the most frustrating thing in the world. This only started when I switched to ST, I never had any MMS issues in the past with any major carrier.
  9. Thats

    Thats That guy is This

    I use Google Voice for my text messaging, so I don't use MMS. I am 100% content with the service, but I've read many issues about people not being able to use MMS. I personally would tell anyone to get it if they have good AT&T coverage and use about 3 Gigs a month.
  10. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Android Expert

    Love my service!
  11. Dmowry

    Dmowry Newbie

    OK, I know it seems weird buy give these settings a try for the at&t sim. Been using these settings with absolutely no problems with MMS.


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